DIM-1334 - The Business Intelligence - Targeting social media

Added on - Mar 2020

DIM-1334 - The document discusses how social media is changing the market of advertising. In past, we have gone through manual marketing which needs a lot of money but social media has changed it. Now we can target only those customers who are interested in our product The various methods which are mainly used are ad exchangeprogrammatic advertising, demand-side platform, affixing tracking software, and many more.  

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Running head: BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE1Business IntelligenceName13.8.20171500 WordsInstitution
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE2Business IntelligenceCase OneBusiness Intelligence- Entertainment Team Case StudyThe Success of Our new programsThe business case study in regards to this paper will examine the success and challengesof two recently launched game programs. The two games are confined within two significantthemes which are pop-culture and movies. The case study will be narrowed down to the rightinformation embedded on three important concepts: a significant challenge as expressed by theentertainment team, a satisfying solution to the challenges identified and finally a series ofbenefits our customers can relate to.Our Entertainment team can determine if the introduced program is successful in anumber of ways. Considering the nature of the entertainment business, key data points are crucialin answering the question in a more in-depth scope. Technically, it is important to examine theconcept of the promotional effectiveness and in this case, our customer based case study doesthis very well. Some of the central issues to be answered in this area include:The promotional expenses as well as the components involved. In this case, the customerbase provides the needed revenue and capital to effectively budget for the newlyintroduced programs.Have the promotional games enhanced a positive effect on the company’s revenue andprofits? True to say, the promotional games have indeed enhanced the company’srevenue hence justifying the need to continue to run the program.How can the promotional games be better targeted for increased leverage over its targetedaudience? After a series of research and customer feedback analysis, our entertainment
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE3team believe that we are on the right track hence advocate for the retention of venuessuch as bars and restaurants.The success of the program can also be weighed by the incensement of sales as well ascustomer retention and loyalty. The themes of pop-culture and movies can be utilized toeffectively address this aspect through examining the influence of the two ideas on each client.Key Data Points to strategically answer the questionKey data points that can be utilized to respond to the questions above include the conceptof customer and market analysis1. In our case, consumers respond to the new gaming promotionspositively, automatically, this is an indication of possible success. Also, key demographiccharacteristics of a customer by product are also very essential in this process as recognized byour entertainment team. On the other hand, the BI team frequently examine whether results of asampled data indicate that an underserved market segment have greater revenue potential and actupon the findings.Our Measures of successSome of the measures of success used by the entertainment team to decide if the programshould be continued to full length cut across an in-depth analysis of the business. Being in a fastchanging industry, it is paramount for the stakeholders involved to be on the lookout for newkinds or products, or rather, shifting to a new business model whenever possible2. Technically,the new programs should be confined within the new trend of technology and should have1Jiang, Yuwei, Angela Cho, and Rashmi Adaval. "The unique consequences of feelinglucky: Implications for consumer behavior." (2014).
BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE4enticing features that hold the power of customer satisfaction as well as retention. Through this,the firm has remained steadfast and ahead of all our competitors. In this case, a criticalunderstanding of what a successful outcome is and how economic conditions as well as successfactors interchangeably play a role in this is very essential. A relevant example can be obtainedthrough the use of an explicit causal model that addresses the main components of the company.Subsequently, this is usually more useful in companies developing new products like in the caseof our company. Relatively, two lead questions will enable the team determine whether theprogram can be absorbed for continued full program length:Are the metrics needed to ensure the unconditional success of the program achievable?Is it possible to predict a range of possible outcomes for specific success factors from thenew program?Insights to influence modifications of the programThe team can use some ideas to control changes to the program to enhance the successchances of the program. One way through which this can be achieved is by linking the governingobjectives of the program with the themes of the games which are pop-culture and movie. It isimportant to acknowledge that the drivers of value change over a period and hence the programsshould do as well. Technically, the only way this can be achieved is through reviewing thedrivers of customer satisfaction. To improve performance and remain relevant, the entertainment2Tregidga, Helen, Markus Milne, and Glen Lehman. "Analyzing the quality, meaning andaccountability of organizational reporting and communication: Directions for futureresearch." InAccounting Forum, vol. 36, no. 3, pp. 223-230. Elsevier, 2012.

Advertising like any other aspect of business has used the conveniences offered by the digital medium to its advantage. Today, marketers can reach customers directly based on the advertising systems presented by information technology, which cuts out the sales middlemen who in the past sold advert space

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