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The Business of Being Born Reflection Paper

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Added on  2019-09-22

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This reflective paper explores personal opinions and philosophies about birthing options in the US, utilizing current nursing literature, a textbook, and The Business of Being Born documentary. Students are encouraged to watch the documentary with an open mind and thoughtfully reflect on the movie to formulate an opinion or personal philosophy about birth. The paper should not exceed 2 pages and should be written in the first person.
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The Business of Being Born Reflection PaperObjectives:1.Students will formulate a personal opinion about birthing options in the U.S. 2.Students will articulate their opinion in a clear and concise written paper.3.Students will utilize current nursing literature, a textbook and the film to explain or justify their personal opinion.The Business of Being Born is a documentary, which explores the ways that childbirth is approached in the United States. The film takes on the U.S. healthcare system and the trend towards “medicalizing” the normal process of birth. This film is considered by many to be controversial as it proposes a distinct change from current practice. As you watch the film, you are encouraged to do so with an open mind. Think about what you have learned in the classroom and how it is either similar or different from what the movie portrays. You are expected to thoughtfully reflect on the movie and formulate an opinion or personal philosophy about birth. You are expected to write a reflective paper, which captures your thoughts about the movie as well as your personal opinion or philosophy about birth. This paper should not exceed 2 pages (not including reference page), should be double spaced, and use size 12 fonts. The following questions should be considered as you reflect, but the paper should be written in paragraph form and not simply answer the questions. These questions are intended only to help you think through your thoughts. Remember – there is no right or wrong philosophy; it is all about your explanations and justifications. You will need to have at least one reference in your paper, other than your textbook and the movie, and it must be written using proper APA reference citations. You should write this paper in the first person.Questions to Consider:1.What was your overall impression of the movie? 2.Have your opinions or views of childbirth and pregnancy in the US changed? If so, how? If not, why?3.How do the topics covered in this film relate to what you are learning in class, have personal experience with, or reading in your textbook?4.Do you think that home birth is a safe option? Do you think it is possible to have natural birth in a hospital?5.How might healthcare workers influence a woman’s choice of birth options – either favorably or unfavorably?6.How did the information presented in this video impact your view of the role of nurses and midwives in the care of pregnant women?
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