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Added on - 17 Apr 2021

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Surname1Annotated bibliographyInstitutional affiliation3D printing
Surname2Hustad, Karis. "3-D Printing in Schools: The next Industrial Revolution?"The Christian ScienceMonitor. The Christian Science Monitor, 22 Nov. 2013. Web. 09 Jan. 2014., Karis. Is a professor of science in the university of Manchester, he has workedthere for more than 10 years and has vast experience in 3D printing and other scientifictechnologies.In this article, Husted Karis notes that 3D printing is a fast rising phenomenon. Hesays that through 3D printing visual effects of very many things will be able to be altered andeven produced in short; the presence of 3D printing will enhance the lives of human beings. Thearticle however states that not everyone can access the 3D printers. He gives the reason for thisas the fact that that type of knowledge is not well spread. Hustad Karis says that “This is the firstyear that Sullivan is using the 3-D printer in the classroom, so the work they’ve done so far hasbeen more experimental.” He concludes his article on a low note by saying as much as thisphenomenal is quite exciting.Lagoa. "3DTin by Lagoa."3DTin. 3DTin by Lagoa, n.d. Web. 09 Jan. 2014.http://www.3dtin.comLagoa. Writes for 3D he is a well read writer from the university of London. Hehas specialized in technology and 3D artifacts. His articles in the creation and adoption of 3Dtechnology is in depth. This has made him standout as a writer in this sector. Lagoa says that 3Ddesign programs that have been developed gives the freedom to the users of 3D printing whencreating different types of shapes such as the cubes, fonts and cylinders. He says that the existing
Surname3types are created in a way that they are able to be created and manipulated easily by differentusers of the system Lagoa concludes his article citing that currently 3D printing can beaccessible to the whole public due to free software that can be easily learned by any individualor corporate users."Newest - Thingiverse."Newest - Thingiverse. Ed. Thingiverse. Thingiverse, n.d. Web.08 Jan. 2014.http://www.thingiverse.comThe website has been in existent for 3 years now. It has mainly beenknown for displaying articles of things that are the most talked about. The website usually coversquite a range of subjects such as the latest technological gadgets. In this website, the contentwriter tries to give an overview of the different designs of 3D printing that can be used bydifferent individuals. These designs are made available online for download and they can beedited through different software. And STL formats which allow different designs to beproduced across the vast number of software.Hodgson, Gary. ""Garyhodgsoncomreprap. RepRap Pro, n.d. Web. 16Jan.2014., Gary is a well established lecturer, and journalist. He has worked in differentfields including the arts sector, theatre and even the technological sector. His vast experienceshave made him receive different accolades as one of the leading writers in the industry. Thisdocument by Hodgson was ment to issue instructions which would be used in the creation of thePrusa model. This is one of the most popular models that are being used by public users of 3D
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