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The company that has been selected for analysis is Gillette.

Added on - 21 Sep 2019

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The company that has been selected for analysis is Gillette. The product line picked is MACH3.There are five variants within the MACH3 Product Line of the company. The details of theseproduct variants are given in the table below:MACH 3Turbo RazorMACH3SensitiveDisposableRazorMACH3SensitivePower RazorMACH3SignatureEdition RazorMACH3SmoothShavePrice ($)10.999.89-18.4911.9936.999.89Razor TypeNADisposableNARefillableDisposableBlade QualityNA2/53/52/52/5Number ofBladesNA3NA33PowerFunctionNANoNANoNoPivotingHeadNAAdvancedNAAdvancedAdvancedPrimaryShave NeedNAFace ShavingNAFace ShavingFace ShavingPrecisionTrimmerNANoNANoNoLubricationNA2/53/52/52/5IrritationFightingFeaturesNA2/52/52/52/5Source: Gillette MACH3 (2016)As the Chief Marketing Officer of the company, I would prefer to say that the pricing of theproducts are good considering the brand name. The Gillette brand is preferred by the consumersand that is the reason this company can play on premium pricing of the products. In some of theproducts such as Refillable ones, namely, MACH3 signature edition, the main revenue generatoris the extra blades customers want to buy (Okonkwo, 2016).The pricing of the current products can be reduced which might help in penetrating the marketfurther in comparison to the competitors (Mas & Ng’weno, 2010). However, it might impact thebrand value of the company as the premium image of these products might get impacted.
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