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The company that I choose to do this report on is a medium company, which has 10 stores inWerribee, Hopper Crossing, Laverton and Geelong. The main office, where Suzy themanager works is in Werribee.Suzy sits in the main office along with the HR officer, the accountant and the businessmanager, who manages the company’s sales office.Each has his own desktop computer and the sales managers have phones and laptops.They work based on cash and credit.Each office has its own POS system. Reports are sent once a week.Each store sales manager communicates with the head office sales management and sendback orders, client communications, ongoing bills and expenses, etc.The company’s goal is to integrate all stores ongoing communications into cloud computingand later on to expend it to cater online sales, as well.The first step is to conduct a meeting with all managers from all stores.In this meeting we will discuss the current and future goals for the company, which are:1.To provide a better customer service2.To increase productivity3.Reduce ongoing costs4.Be as competitive as possible5.Provide a better computerized environment, with an easy access and ease of use6.Allow service flexibility which accommodates and supports future changes andgrowth7.Expend the company’s market and its customers baseA third-party advisor will attend the meeting to discuss the benefits of switching to cloudcomputing. He will talk about the storage, network, services and applications. If time allows,we will compare between the different cloud platforms options available.The services that will be introduced are:
1.XaaS(Anything-as-a-Service)Refers to a service that is available through internet.2. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)Refers to a software that is managed by the vendor and the client can access it usingsubscriptions. The company uses it for the office and emails through public cloud computing.3. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)Refers to rented physical resources, operating system or environment provided by the vendor.This means that the customer develops their own software using the tools from the vendor.4. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)This refers to a space that the company leases to supports its operations. This includesstorage, hardware, servers and networks components. The company uses and runs its ownsoftware on these leased resources.5.Public CloudThey are owned and hosted by a third party, which provides public computing accessibility.There is no need to purchase anything other than internet connectivity and licensesubscription, as everything ales is managed and maintained by the provider.6.Private CloudRefers to a cloud computing infrastructure that is privately used by the company, and themaintaince is done by the company itself or by a third-party provider. It is more secured thenthe public cloud, as it is privately hosted.7.Hybrid CloudIt’s a combination between public and private cloud, which provides more flexibility to thecompany/users and more control over the location of the services and the data stored in them.8.Community CloudRefers to a cloud computing infrastructure, where several companies share the same goal/ideaand use the same computing infrastructure.Before we start, we need to provide an accurate review report that states what the currentcomputing elements in the company such as hardware, software, storage, security andinternet data use. With this report we can analyse the company’s goals and needs for thefuture and see if the current states of computing in the company is sufficient or whether weneed to add, change or relocate some resource from one department to another. By knowingand understanding the company’s goals and expectations for the future, we can map thecomputing needs for the specific goals and decide on the preferred solution.
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