The comparison between FCFS, SJF and PR:.

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The comparison between FCFS, SJF and PR:AlgorithmFCFSSJFPRAbbreviation:FIRST COMEFIRST SERVESHORTEST JOBFIRSTPRIORITYExplanation:This algorithm isbased on first comefirst serve.This algorithmexecutes shortestprocess first.According to thisalgorithm each processis assigned a priority.Here process is executedone by one but whichprocess is preferred firstthis is totally depends onprocess priority.This algorithm isnon-preemptive.This is a non-preemptiveschedulingThis algorithm is also ano-preemptive.This algorithmexecutes everyprocess which areplaced in FIFOqueue.The process areexecuted butaccording to theirexecution time.The process areexecuted but accordingto their priorities.This performance ispoor, the averagewait time is veryhigh.This is best algorithmto decrease thewaiting time for eachprocess.This algorithm iseasy to implementand understandbecause noadditionalcalculation is neededto choose anyThis is easy methodwhere we alreadyknew the totalrequired executiontime for each arrivedprocess.Here are some criteria todecide the priorities forprocesses:1.This depends onmemoryrequirements.2.Time
process.requirements.3.Any otherspecific resourcerequirement.Advantages:This algorithmmatches withbatch systemThis is not supportbatch system.This also not support thebatch system.This increases theaverage waitingtimeThis minimizesaverage waiting time.This algorithm goodresponse for the highestpriority processes.It is simple tounderstand and toimplementThroughput is highThroughput ismaximized.Disadvantages:This waiting timecould be long ifthere is any shortprocess is waitingin a queue behindthe long processThis can lead toprocess starvationStarvation may bepossible for the lowestpriority for processes inthe highest traffic.This is not
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