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The comparison between FCFS, SJF and PR:.

Added on -2019-09-20

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The comparison between FCFS, SJF and PR:AlgorithmFCFSSJFPRAbbreviation:FIRST COMEFIRST SERVESHORTEST JOBFIRSTPRIORITY Explanation:This algorithm is based on first come first serve.This algorithm executes shortest process first.According to this algorithm each process is assigned a priority. Here process is executedone by one but which process is preferred first this is totally depends onprocess priority. This algorithm is non-preemptive.This is a non-preemptive schedulingThis algorithm is also a no-preemptive.This algorithm executes every process which are placed in FIFO queue.The process are executed but according to their execution time.The process are executed but according to their priorities.This performance is poor, the average wait time is very high.This is best algorithmto decrease the waiting time for each process.This algorithm is easy to implement and understand because no additional calculation is neededto choose any This is easy method where we already knew the total required execution time for each arrived process.Here are some criteria todecide the priorities for processes:1.This depends on memory requirements.2.Time
process.requirements.3.Any other specific resourcerequirement.Advantages:This algorithm matches with batch systemThis is not support batch system.This also not support thebatch system.This increases theaverage waiting timeThis minimizes average waiting time.This algorithm good response for the highest priority processes.It is simple to understand and toimplementThroughput is highThroughput is maximized.Disadvantages:This waiting timecould be long if there is any short process is waitingin a queue behindthe long processThis can lead to process starvationStarvation may be possible for the lowest priority for processes in the highest traffic.This is not

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