The Contemporary Hospitality Industry: Report

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The ContemporaryHospitality Industry
INTRODUCTIONHospitality can be defined as a relationship among a guest and host and this has beendeveloped as an industry which includes hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and many more. Themajority of government's revenue come from hospitality establishments in United Kingdom.Furthermore, various services are provided by the entities operating in this sector and can bedivided into many categories. In this report, The Ritz Hotel has been chosen which is a five starhotel located in Piccadilly, London, United Kingdom. The things are covered in this are kinds ofbusiness along with diverse products and services, examination of range of operational andfunctional departments, contribution of hospitality industry, assessment of use of licensing orfranchising, investigation of range of types of operational roles, review of skills gaps andanalysis of macro and micro environmental factors for assessing the potentials.PART 11. Different types of business within hospitality industry and diverse products and servicesHospitality industry consists variety of business categories in hospitality industry as itsscope is broad. These have been elaborated as follows:Accommodation-This service is provided by majority of hotels which is bundled withmany other facilities to make the stay of people pleasant who travel from one place toanother. Some of the examples in this category are hotel resort, boutique hotel, breakfastand many more. As per the data provide by World Tourism Organization as of 2017, 37.3million people visited UK. These are the services which are intangible in nature.Food and beverage-It is one of the largest sectors within hospitality industry comprisingof huge range of services related to food and beverage to be provided to customers. Theseinclude, fast food, fast casual, dining and similar activities. These are the services butproducts are also involved.Travel and tourism-There are organisations within this industry providing the servicesof travel and tourism by covering trains, cruise ships, and tour operators. This sectorgenerates huge number of employment. These are also the services which are intangiblein nature.Entertainment-Customers always look for additional things which are beyond the basicservices provided by entities. Theme parks, theatres, Disneyland, Madame Tussauds,1
British Museums are some of the examples included in this. These are intangible innature and fall in the category of services.2. Examine range of operational and functional departments along with review of inter-relationships of theseA hotel is formed by different operations and functional departments which are connectedwith each other in order to achieve the goals. There are four major units responsible for carryingthe functions such as housekeeping department which is responsible for cleanliness andmaintaining hygiene in the whole premises. Food and beverage service department providesfood, management restaurants, bars etc. by maintaining high quality. Front office department isthe face of a hotel which entertain the guests, provide details, allot rooms, and many similaractivities. Security department has the responsibility to protect guests and staff staying in thehotel from any incidents such as theft, accident etc.On the other hand, functional departments purchase & stores which make purchase ofraw materials and other stocks required in the hotel. All its activities are looked by the managerin charge. Sales and marketing undertake the activities of selling rooms, functions, conventionsetc. to the guests. Accounting is the branch which is responsible for managing the entries andfinance such as processing of payrolls, data, internal reports and financial statement. Humanresource department looks after hiring, termination, training, etc.Every department is related to each other for example, front office is the plays the role tocommunicate accounting department about the details of payment received from the guests.Furthermore, if there is requirement to hire employees for any of the posts then HRD iscontacted. Similarly, housekeeping department has to clean the hotel before the sales andmarketing department make the sales. In this way, all the departments are inter-related to eachother for carrying the activities efficiently and effectively.3. Discuss the contribution of Hospitality industry at local, national and international levels ofeconomiesHospitality industry is one of the biggest industries which contribute to major revenue inthe economy. These affect the activities at local, national as well as international levels. Theimportance of this has been explained below:Employment and Gross Value Added (GVA)-The gross value added services derivingfrom production of goods and services from hospitality industry has been double reaching to2
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