The cozy coffee shop is located in byres road one of the busiest

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-The cozy coffee shop is located in byres road one of the busiest and there are many cafes there.However my coffee shop will be special for playing live piano and relaxing ambiance.-things to consider in the financial plan is the upfront piano (could bootstrap and buy used one) andalso paying for the pianist. The pianist can play for about 5 hours a day rather than all the openinghour just to keep the cost low and also opportunity for songs to be played rather than piano all thetime.-the coffee shop is buying De'Longhi Scultura Coffee mechine and soft drinks will be provided byGlencrest Ltd.- for the personnel plan Since the business is small, I don’t know how many employees is neededhowever don’t forget the bakers.-pastries and bakery will be baked within the premises. So counts the inventory for that also I thinkthis mean we need hygiene license or something like that.- online advertising such as social media is used.
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