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The Design of a Double Pipe Heat Exchanger

Added on - 14 Jun 2021

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CE 2.1 Project InformationName of the project:The Design of a Double Pipe Heat ExchangerLocation of the project:Please fillProject Duration:Please fillOrganization:Please fillRole and Designation during the time:Team Member of the projectCE 2.2 Project BackgroundCE 2.2.1 Characteristics of the projectThis project ofThe Design of a Double Pipe Heat Exchanger was my first miniproject in engineering career. The double pipe heat exchanger was made eventually for thepurpose of reducing the complexities of heat exchange. This project was executed by ourgroup in Zirconium Oxide Plant. The requirement of nuclear fuel was the major reason forthis project. There is a link between the cycle of PHWR or pressurized heavy water plantreactor, LWR or light water reactor and LMFBR or liquid metal cooled fast breed reactor.CE 2.2.2 Objectives developed for the projectThe project ofDesign of a Double Pipe Heat Exchangercomprises of two importantobjectives. The objectives are as follows:To make the double pipe heat exchangerTo help the society with this heat exchanger.
CE 2.2.3 My area of workThis project ofThe Design of a Double Pipe Heat Exchangerwas executed properly.As the chemical engineer, my main area of work was to document the entire project. I madesure that the project documentation was done perfectly.My other area of work in the projectwas to arrange for various meetings and gatherings of the project. I did this at the end ofevery week for understanding whether the project would be successful or not or whether weare lagging behind.CE 2.2.4 Project GroupHead ofDepartmentProjectLeaderTeamMemberTeamMemberTeamMemberMEFigure 1: People involved in the projectCE 2.2.5 My responsibilities throughout the projectI was an important part of the project. I had various important responsibilities withinthe project. My first and the foremost responsibility in this project ofThe Design of a DoublePipe Heat Exchanger was to document the entire project properly. I knew that if the projectreport was made perfectly, the project is bound to be a success. My next responsibility was toassist my project supervisor in the project.Another important responsibility that I had to
execute in this project was providing guidance to my juniors. I even applied my knowledgeand skills within the project for successfully completing the project.CE 2.3 Distinctive ActivityCE 2.3.1 Engineering knowledge and skills applied in the projectI have utilized my chemical engineering skills and knowledge for the success of theproject. I knew that if I will apply my skills and knowledge in the project properly, it isevident that the project will be a huge success. I am a hardworking person and have excellentproblem solving skills. Since I was a quick learner, I utilized my experience in this particularproject. I had also used my computer proficiency in the project, which included MS Office,MS Project and many more. My power of critical thinking is also applied here.CE 2.3.3 Comprehending the Theory of ProjectThezirconium oxide powder was produced in ZOP. The main raw material that wasrequired to produce zirconium was zircon sand. This type of sand comprises of silicates as themain impurities and hafnium as the main impurity. The zircon sand was subjected for mixingthe process with caustic soda at temperature of 6500C, and frit, formed was eventually sent toa series of three distinct leaching tanks to remove sodium silicate. When the leachingzirconate was washed again in plate and was framed for filter press, the impurities wereremoved and alkalinity was reduced.The obtained hydrated zirconia product is dried in turbodryer and subjected to dissolution with nitric acid. The crude zirconium nitrate solution isthen sent for solvent extraction process and pure zirconium nitrate was produced.Heat exchangers are a device that exchange the heat between two fluids of differenttemperatures that are separated by a solid wall. The temperature gradient, or the differencesin temperature facilitate this transfer of heat. Transfer of heat happens by three principle
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