Diet Optimization Problem


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Case Study 5 The Diet ProblemThe Diet ProblemProblem DescriptionThe goal of the diet problem is to find the cheapest combination of foods that will satisfy allthe daily nutritional requirements of a person. This problem has often been used inOperations Research textbooks to illustrate the use of linear programming to solve real-lifetypes of problems. The corresponding linear programming minimizes the cost of food,subject to nutritional requirements. Below, we give the linear programming formulation ofthe problem. In this formulation we include constraints that regulate the number of caloriesand the amount of vitamins, minerals, fats, sodium, and cholesterol in the diet.Optimization ModelLet Food and Nutrition be sets of foods and nutrition we consider in this problem. Assumethat there are f different types of food in Food and n different types of Nutrition. Thefollowing is a linear programming formulation of the problem:where: jcis the cost of food j; jxis the amount of food j consumed; ijntis the amountof nutrition i in food j; inlbis the minimum amount of nutrition i required per day; inubis the maximum amount of nutrition i allowed to be consumed per day; jflbis theminimum amount of food j desired per day; jfubis the maximum amount of food jdesired per day.Excel Spreadsheets1.Build a spreadsheet that presents the following data about different types of food:price, weight, calories, amount of cholesterol, and vitamin content per serving. 2.Build a spreadsheet that presents data about the minimum and maximum amounts ofnutrition i required per day for a healthy diet. 3.Build a spreadsheet that presents historical data about the food consumed by theuser on daily bases: total amount of calories consumed and total amount of nutritiontaken by nutrition type.User Interface1.Build a welcome form.2.Build a form that allows the user to do the following:511::1,...,1,..., .fjjjfiijjijjjjMincxSubjecttonlbntxnubinflbxfubjf
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