Difference between leader and manager


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Difference between leader
and manger

Table of Content
LO1: Differentiate between the role of a leader and the function of a manager
Difference between manager and leader
Management functions
Theories of leadership traits

Management is a must needed activity in the
organisation to develop and achieve objectives
into desire manner. Managers and leaders play
important role in fulfilling these targets by
building teams, provide guidance and work for
same goals. There are various theories and
functions performed by managers and leaders
which make them differ in their role.

LO1: Differentiate between the role of a leader
and the function of a manager
Management theory: Management theory is an essential part which drives organisation with systematic
performance so that employees and managers build sound relation and work together to achieve targeted
goals. There are several theories ascertain by managers of Sainsbury's which are mentioned below:
Contemporary and seminal theories of management:
Management by objectives: this theory defines the major objective of organisation and bound them to
work as per the goals. Here managers play important role in defining targets to each member of
organisations so that every work flow with cooperation and togetherness.

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