Dilemma in Business Ethics of MacDonald : Article

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1INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSIntroduction In relation to the dilemma in business ethics of Mac Donald, the article provides with a briefreview on the codes and norms of business ethics. The subject is about the illegal usage ofcomputers at work places. The security administrator was in charge of the duty to provideweekly reports showing the web pages accused by employees. The usage of unethicalwebsites not mentioned to the employees earlier. As per the official documents, those usingthese websites will not be able to continue their work in the company.Ethical dilemma of the Mac Donald CompanyThe employees of the company use unauthorized websites during the office hours. This is thereason for ethical dilemma. The company should take actions against unethical businesspractices (Dzombak, 2017).ACS code of ethics- It includes the dignity, value and respect for being an employee in the organization(Ferguson, Thornley and Gibb, 2016). There are various regulations in the ACS code ofethics.1. Public interest- Personal interest should not conflict with work at the work place.2. Quality and standard of living- Use of proper codes and business ethics creates betterliving standards. This value system also enhance in the improvement of the life style for thoseaffected due to work.3. competition- It includes the sincere competitive attribute for the stakeholders and theorganization by following business ethics.

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