Learning in Higher Education and School Environment Assignment

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The distinction between learning in higher education and school environment I got the values of my learning phase on school levels with keeping the actions of reading booksof our course and then I used to sit in the examination as there were not high levels ofassignments and projects were involved and I was thinking on the same lines that the higher leveleducation will be the same and I will have to make the efforts of this way that I will keep myconcerns of education for reading more books on broader levels. It was my thinking but it gotwrong as I found the big difference on the lines of school and higher educational side as I got thelearning of the things in different ways. I was not comfortable in higher level education side as Istarted my job at the coffee shop of Tesco as manager and on the same time, I started the ways ofmy higher education. It was a difficult situation for me that I had to handle two things at a timeand I was not that familiar with the ways of higher education. I tool this thing as a challenge andthen I made the developments to the lines of better understanding of higher education. I gotfamiliar with the projects and assignments that I had to submit as on the days of schooleducation, these things were not that highly developed as I had to make the areas of work onsmall levels and the higher education is the side of higher concerns. I Reading and critical thinking I was involved on the side of critical thinking in this way as I got theassignment on 2nd week and then I had to use the resources of library in thisway. I used to go to library of my school but the concerns were just to makethe things on reading side as I was not involved to the levels of criticalthinking from the reading values. The more upgraded thing was that I hadapply the resources of library on online terms and I was confused in this sidethat I didn’t use those resources before and I was worried for the things for
the online library matters that how I will search them and how I will get thematerials of my assignment topic. The topic was assigned to me for thescandal of Volkswagen and I had to get on proper apaches of critical side ofthinking I got the sense of responsibility that if I have to make the betterlines of results then I had to use the resources of library on online mannersand in this way, I used the resources of library as I searched the readingmaterials with the key words and then I got my desired pages to read. It wasnot only the reading as the reading ways can just give the prospective to thereaders about the things that are written and areas of critical thinking haveto be done to seek the things by own perceptions after reading and theevaluations are made after that. Find, collect and record appropriate informationAn assignment was given to me that I had to choose the better ways for theinformation, then I had to collect it and then I had to record that informationfor my assignment concerns. The topic was given to me to check the scandalof Volkswagen that what was happened to the company as that hugesetback came to its way. It was a huge level of responsibility that I felt thattime as I was not aware of finding and recording the ways to deal with theinformation but library resources came up on the levels of helpful mannersthat they gave me the confidence to check the situation of that scandal. Iused the resources and then I got the information that the companyVolkswagen has violated the terms of environmental safety as it gave thepermission to run the engines that were not appropriate towards the valuesof clean environment. The high charges were imposed to the company as itdenied on first side of asking but when the proofs were provided then thecompany had to admit its mistake that it has installed the engines in the carson wrong values of unsafe environmental values. It was my task and Icompleted with better sense of responsibility by the using the resources of

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