(PDF) The Effects of Miranda v. Arizona

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Surname;1NameInstructor’s nameCourseDateMiranda Vs Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966)Facts of the CaseThe case involved a crime which took place in 1963, where Miranda had kidnapped and raped an18 year old girl who identified him in a parade. When the police questioned Miranda, headmitted to the crimes and later signed a confession. The confession asserted that he was awareof his legal rights, according to the Fifth Amendment, but his Lawyer both at the Supreme Courtand at the trial court claimed that no one told the accused about his rights. At the trial, thewritten confession was admitted and he was sentenced to 20-30 years imprisonment. Theappellate court upheld the trial’s court decision stating that obtaining the confession did notviolate Miranda’s constitutional rights (Sonneborn, p 32).IssuesWhether statements obtained in custodial police interrogation were admissible. Whether, theaccused was ensured that his Fifth Amendment rights were accorded to him, and he wasprivileged not to give self-incriminating evidenceDecisions/holdings
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