(PDF) International Student-Workers in Australia

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Running Head: The effects of employment policy on international students in AustraliaEFFECT OF EMPLOYMENT POLICY ON JOB OPPORTUNITIES FORINTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IN AUSTRALIABy (name)Faculty ofProfessor (tutor)Name of school (university)CountryDate
The effects of employment policy on international students in AustraliaStatement of problemFor quite some time, the Australian employment policy has caused numerous effects to jobopportunities for international students who opt to study in Australia. This policy states thatinternational students who study in Australia and have valid Visa card, have the permission towork for at most 20 hours within a week with no limit of working hours during vacations.This policy was stipulated by the department of jobs and small businesses which is clad withthe mandate for job creation and management[ CITATION Dee17 \l 1033 ].However this policygives an opportunity for these students to earn at least some income for their upkeep, theworking hours are very few, less than a day in a week.Research on the study topic shows that 12.7% of students who get invitations to study inAustralia get disappointed by the employment policy and as a result turn down the invitation.This employment policy and other conduct instructions are given to the students during Visacard application. As a result, many refuse to give in to the invitation[ CITATION Har14 \l 1033 ].Other students, on arrival to respective institutions, get frustrated by the policy and opt out ofthe university to try their luck in other countries.What is the impact of the employment policy on job opportunities for these students?Various impacts have been associated with this policy about job opportunities. First andforemost, this policy has brought about job inconveniences[ CITATION Mak14 \l 1033 ].Nowthat these students are only allowed to work up to a maximum of 20 hours a day, employerstend to shy away from acquiring them as their employees due to inconsistency in laborsupply[ CITATION Ols15 \l 1033 ].Again, job opportunities for these students have become tooscarce over time. Employers tend to acquire more permanent labor as opposed to temporaryinput. Due to this reason, these students are hardly getting jobs.
The effects of employment policy on international students in AustraliaIn addition to this, research shows that there is a massive mismatch between the requirementsof job and labor. Sometimes an employee may be requiring a more significant humanresource input than an international student can provide. In this case, therefore, students willhardly get jobs as those jobs will rarely match their labor provision criteria. As a result ofthese impacts and inconsistencies, many international students shy away from studying inAustralia and opt for other countries like the United States, Canada, New Zealand,Switzerland, among other countries with more favorable policies[ CITATION Rog14 \l 1033 ]. Itis in this regard, therefore, that it becomes very imperative to research on this topic andunveil this menace that’s driving international students out of Australian Universities.The aim of this researches it to show the impacts of the Australian employment policy on jobopportunities for international students who choose to study in Australian higher educationinstitutions. The objectives of this research are:1.Knowing the Australian employment policy2.Identification of the body that formulates employment policy.3.Determination of the jobs available for international students and their requirements.4.Determination of the impacts on job opportunities for international students as a resultof the employment policy.
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