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The Act of Enlightenment

Added on -2019-09-23

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The act of Enlightenment is basically the philosophical and the intellectual movementthat has dominated the world of ideas in the country like Europe during the 18th Century. This isalso called by the name of age of reason. The participants of the given movements had a thoughtin their mind that they were illuminating the culture and human intellect after the dark middleages. The given enlightenment had shown a rise of different concepts such as scientific methodand liberty (Barnett, 2018). This essay will give a brief description of the French and Britishabsolute monarchs. This essay will also give a description of the impact that they had on theirown country. Herein, it can be said that absolute monarch is the type of condition in which all theauthority to run the country was given in the hands of King who possess all the divine right. InFrance, absolute monarch slowly began in the 16th Century and it becomes established in the 17thcentury. Louis the XIV was the king who begins the concept of the absolute monarchy in France.In the process of bringing absolute monarch in France, there were many obstacles were beingfaced by Louis the XIV. But, he had taken several measures with an aim to weed these obstacles.However, the actions which were being taken by Louis the XIV had caused a positive impact onthe country. It is because of his actions only all the central powers of the country came in thehand of the king. It is due to an effective financial policy of Louis the XIV only, the nationaldebt of the country was reduced. 1

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