The estimation comes out to be different from various funding

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The estimation comes out to be different from various funding methods and categories of aidassociated with the efforts of U.S. foreign assistance. As per the nonpartisan congressionalresearch service, the broad definition of aid comprises of security assistance and military, and itstotal spending is approximate $49 Billion in the year 2015. It is nearly 1.3 % of the federalbudget. After Second World War the level of aid funding is at their highest as the highestinvestment in rebuilding the European economies are done by the United States. The level of aidis cut down as compared to the today's level in the year 1990, and the overall budget is decreasedby to less than $20 Billion in the year 1997 which is 0.8 % of the overall budget. After the attackof 9/11, the aid was rose again which surpassed the overall budget by 1.4% in the year 2007soaccording to the analyst it was driven mainly by the assistance to Afghanistan and Iraq, but it isalso influenced by the global health programs of President George W. Bush.The aid expert Carol Lancaster and former state department official has discussed in the book,namely, Foreign Aid: Diplomacy, Development, and Domestic politics, modern U.S. aid whichis originated in cold war geographic: the Marshall plan in order to rebuild Europe that wasdesigned to blunt the influence of rising communist political forces on the continent. The U.S.assistance policy is continuously derived from the national security continuously which aims toprovide stability in conflicts region, promote democracy, bolster allies, and contribute tocounterterrorism as well as law enforcement efforts abroad. There are other objectives alsowhich are related to, but they are separated from U.S. national security. It also comprises ofhumanitarian relief efforts in order to respond directly to the acute disasters, health care, povertyreduction, and other development programs. The US aid policy is working to achieve the aimthrough a diverse array of programs that can be organized into broad major categories. Theforeign aid spending in the year 2015 is explained below as per the CRS calculations:
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