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Software Development Project Assignment

Added on - 30 Nov 2020

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The example of a software development project that I have worked on that I will use is the same as the one used in theprevious discussion. The context of the project is that we worked on a project for company X which is a midsized companyof about 80 employees. The organization is structured according to departments and each employee belongs to at least onedepartment. Company X is a production house involved in the production of documentaries and drama series for mainstreammedia. For a long time, the culture of the organization X was that all employees had to report to the office and work on theprojects from the office. Work out of the office did not involve access to the company’s ERP system.The key situation that faced the company came after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. After the COVID-19 pandemichad affected most of the world Company X knew it was a matter of time before the worldwide shutdown would hit thecountry. This is because most governments were enforcing lockdown measures and this meant employees were required towork from home. Therefore, Company X was forced to adopt a remote working procedure for its employees. However, therewas the challenge that their ERP system was designed to be used within the organization’s network. This meant that thechange that was established required the company’s employees to work from home. This is the context in which we got towork with company X.Our role as company Y was to undertake the upgrade of the REP system through developing a module that would enable theERP system to be accessed remotely and securely. The contractor who had worked on the ERP system was not able to workon the project because he was out of the country and he could not assemble a team. However, his input was required toenable the project to run smoothly. The structure of my organization was set in such a way all the members had workedbefore and as a result, they were used to working together. The software development project followed all the conventionalphases of the software development life cycle.There were about 25 individuals from company X that were involved in the project. They were derived from differentdepartments from whom the requirements of the system being developed where required. According to Lenberg, Wallgren,and Feldt (2016), organizational change is bound to affect every company. However, they go further to state that change isusually faced by obstacles when the employees of the company form groups which have a mentality against the change.According to them, the software developers are the ones who have the highest level of adoption of change. This means thatwe as company Y had to work with the IT personnel from company X to advocate for change. Each group was made up ofabout 4-6individuals. In each group, there was also an addition of a person from the IT department. The reason that amember of the IT department was added to the groups when collecting requirements was to help them impact the positiveattitude towards change. The study was supposed to take about 2 weeks and as a result, each team was met at different times.
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