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The Fact PaperIn this paper, you will describe a person, object, or event using only empirically verifiable facts. The objective of thepaper is to convince your reader to see the person, object, or event in either a positive or negative light whileensuring that your paper remains completely free of any evaluative language. You paper should be 1000 words (plusor minus 10 words) in lengthnotincluding reference page.InstructionsChoose a person, object, or event that you find interesting and that you can readily research. It is better if you choosea topic about which people already have a strong opinion that differs from your own. For instance, most people likechocolate ice cream, but perhaps you hate chocolate ice cream. If so, chocolate ice cream would make a good topicfor this paper. After you choose a topic, begin to compile facts about your topic that will help you to show your topic ineither a negative or positive light. To show chocolate ice cream in a negative light, for instance, you might look for amedical study that links chocolate ice cream to mad cow disease, or find evidence that an unpopular person such asRichard Nixon ate chocolate ice cream every day. Likewise, if you find a report concluding that chocolate ice creamcures pancreatic cancer, it may be wise to omit those findings from your paper. Either way, you want to provideonlyempirically verifiableinformation about chocolate ice cream. At no point should you disclose to your reader yourown opinion of chocolate or any other kind of ice cream. In other words, persuade us to dislike chocolate ice creammerely by providing negative information about it that you have strategically organized to maximize persuasive effect.Other requirements:1) Your opening paragraph must be a vivid description of the topic of your paper. If your topic is algae and you wishto present algae in a positive light, then you could, for instance, write an engaging description of the life cycle ofalgae. Keep in mind, though,your opening description must also be free of any evaluative or opinionated language.2) The introduction of your paper must include a preview of the paper. Your preview should give your reader a senseof the main points you will cover about your topic.3) The body of your paper should deliver on the promises made in your preview, and each section of the body shouldbegin with a preview of that section. For instance, if you promise in your introduction that the first section of yourpaper will provide information about deaths that have occurred on rides at Disneyland, then the first section of yourpaper should provide information about a number of deaths that have occurred on rides at Disneyland. AND, the firstsentence of that section should preview which deaths on which rides will be discussed. AND, the first sentence ofeach paragraph should preview the specific deaths or rides discussed in that paragraph. For instance, the firstsentence of your paragraph on the Matterhorn might read like so: No fewer than nine people have died while ridingthe Matterhorn.4) Your paper should feature a conclusion that briefly summarizes the paper. Without drawing conclusions or stating your opinion,end the paper in such a way that your reader will be persuaded to adopt your perspective on the topic.Structuring your paperYour paper should begin with a detailed description of your object or topic. The opening paragraph should make useof vivid language to convey a “picture” of your topic and establish a positive or negative tone for the paper. Aftercompiling your facts, group them according to theme so that when you write your paper, you can organize theinformation in a logical manner and avoid jumping from point to point. Even though your paper will consist exclusivelyof facts, you still want it to flow and make sense. At no point should you draw any conclusions about your topic or useany language that might convey opinion.Peer ReviewsThis assignment also requires that you review three other fact papers during. I will provide detailed review guidelinesfor you to complete. If you do not have copies of your drafted paper ready for peer review, you will lose credit for thisportion of the assignment. Your draft must be very nearly completed so that your peers have something to review.Formatting requirementsDrafts and final paper must be typed, double-spaced with one-inch margins, and stapled. Do not fold the corners ofyour paper in lieu of a staple. Use 12 pt. font, preferably Times New Roman. Please do not include a title page or myname. Simply includeyourname, the semester, and the assignment (single-spaced) at the top of the first page.Citations should be formatted in accordance with APA guidelines. Those guidelines can be found inThe Pocket
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