The first thing you have to do is set the lisp critique and

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The first thing you have to do is set the lisp critique and tests. Follow theinstructions in ‘Lisp Critique and Tests’. To see if you installed correctly, I haveprovided the example and output below.Lisp Critique and Tests is what you should getCS325-USER 2 > (critique (defun foo (x) (setq x (+ x 1))))----------------------------------------------------------------------INCF would be simpler to add 1 to X than SETQ----------------------------------------------------------------------It's bad style to reassign input parameters like X -- and oftenuseless.----------------------------------------------------------------------Don't use (+ X 1), use (1+ X) for its value or (INCF X) to change X,whichever is appropriate here.----------------------------------------------------------------------CS325-USER 3 > (get-tests)(3TREE-CLONE 3TREE-MEMBER ?IS-A ABSTS-ABSTP ALIST->HASH-TABLEBIGGER-ARG BIN-SEARCH BST-ELEMENTS CAR-CIRCULAR-P CDR-CIRCULAR-P CIRCULAR-MEMBER-P COLLECT-NUMBERS COMMON-ABSTSCOPY-QUEUE DELETE-CAR DIFF-BY-ONE-P DOUBLEF EMPTY-QUEUE-PENQUEUE-FRONT EVERY-RANGE EXTRACT-CODE-FROM-STREAM FIND-RANGE FUNCTIONS-REFERENCED GET-A-COUNT GREATER GREATEST-ARGHAS-LIST-P HAS-NUMBER-P HASH-TABLE->ALIST HENLEY-P HORNERINTERSECT INTERSECT-SEGMENTS INTERSPERSE KEY-IF LIST-OFLONGEST-PATH MAKE-BALANCE MAKE-BEST-CHANGE MAKE-CHANGEMAKE-QUEUE MAP-RANGE MAP-STREAM MAX-MIN MEMBER-MATCHMEMOIZE MY-COPY-LIST MY-REMOVE-IF MY-REVERSE N-OF NORMALNROTATE-ARRAY NTH-EXPR OCCURRENCES POSITION+ PRECEDERSPRESERVE PRINT-DOTS REDUCE-TREE REQUEUE-FRONT RING-PACKAGEROTATE-ARRAY SHORTEST-PATH SHOW-DOTS SHOW-LIST SOLVE STABLE-INTERSECTION STABLE-SET-DIFFERENCE STABLE-UNION STREAM-SUBSTSUMMIT TCONC TEST-TAKING-MATCH TOKENIZER TWO-MOST WITH-COLLECTOR)This is the textbook for the various exercises.The Textbook
Here are helpful websites that contain partially / mostly completed answers.Helpful Websites is the exercise list. You can see that the exercises have been slightly changedfrom the textbook versions.Exercise list are the exercises to do in the textbook (make sure to take ‘Exercise list’ intoaccount). The exercises first need to pass the tests and then the critique. Forexample, pretend you have created the read-stream function in 8-5:(defun read-stream (input.... )))First (run-tests read-stream) must be passedSecond (critique(defun read-stream (input.... ))) )Must be passedNext, the assignment is submitted and the professor usually comes back with a fewcomments.Exercises to do (Graham)Do Lisp: 10, 11, 12, 13Do Graham: 7-2, 7-5+6, 8-5, 9-5, 9-6, 10-3+5, 10-8Fix Graham comments: 3-9, 5-9Fix Indentation: Graham 4-4 and 10-6Matcher: 1, 2Other: Triple query filter, Make Best Change, Insert Segments, camelize & hyphenate* Fix indentation for 4-4 and 10-6 below.* I have notes for Graham 3-9 and 5-9 below.;4-4 – fix indentation(defun bst-elements (bst)
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