Paper on History and Current Trends in Web Technologies

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The future of web technology: online development in 2026
IntroductionIn this present paper, we will discuss the history, current trends in web technologies, analysis ofcurrent trend, a vision of the technology in 2026 and the summarization of the paper. As thetrend of the applications has become increasingly large and complex and various web developershas started to wish the feature of stricter language level. The functional programming and statictyping become very significant, and on the top of JavaScript, the typescript, as well as a dart, hasdelivered type features. The types are enforced by the new languages for example Elixir and Goby default. The web technology is mainly defined as the development of a mechanism whichprovides the communication between the two or more computers through networks. It allows thetransmission of information within a second. The process involved in the web technologies isdiverse and complex which helps to make the operations in an effective manner.HistoryThe trend of the web development technologies is determined through the World Wide Web. Thepractical applications of knowledge in the specific area help to accomplish the task with theutilization of technical process. According to the national assistive technology research institute,many equipment's are utilized by the technology such as games, apps, software, multimedia andothers. The World Wide Web is invented by the Sir Tim Berners-Lee in the year 1989. Theinitial proposal of the web is laid out with the vision by the Tim in the year March 1989 (Bijkeret al., 2012). The CERN project of the web is not an official project but Mike who was his bossmanaged to work with the Tim in this project using the NeXT computer which is one of theproducts of Steve Jobs. The three fundamental technologies are founded by the time in the year
1990, and it remains in the web of today. It includes HTML (hypertext markup language), URI(uniform resource identifier), and HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol). At the end of the year1990, the first server was introduced over the internet. The Tim and other advocated ensuringthat the CERN project was available on the royalty free basis and the decision was announced inthe year 1993 which sparked a global wave of collaboration, innovation and creativity like neverbefore (Bodenreider et al., 2006).Current trends in web technologiesThe web technologies are evolved which give provide the ability to web developers in order tocreate the immersive and useful experience of the web. The ongoing efforts of the open webcommunity have resulted into the today's web which explains the various web technologies suchas CSS3, HTML5, WebGL and others which ensure the supports to the internet browser. Thecurrent trends include Angular 2 fundamentals, Jquery mobile, Build web apps with HP cakeframework, data visualization, Build web apps with a larval framework in PHP and others (Senet al., 2006).Analysis of current trendIn the current trends, the AngularJS is one the web technology which stands out from itsperformance within the short time period. The AngularJS is an open source complete web basedapplication framework which is wholly based on the JavaScript, and it is developed by theGoogle. The organizations and community of individuals encouraged to develop the single page
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