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The Global Economy Project | Assignment

Added on - 16 Sep 2019

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The Global Economy Project #2The Global Economy Project #2CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion islinked to a LearningOutcomeIdentifythe two basicfunctions of theInternationalMonetary FundIdentification of the twobasic functions of theIMF is robust andcomprehensive andincludes strongsupporting details75.0ptsIdentification of thetwo basic functions ofthe IMF adequatelydescribes importantfeatures and includessufficient details60.0ptsIdentification of thetwo basic functions ofthe IMF is present butincomplete andprovides only aminimal, cursorydescription52.0ptsIdentification of thetwo basic functionsof the IMF is eithermissing orincomplete0.0pts75.0ptsThis criterion islinked to a LearningOutcomeDiscusswhat is meant by aninternationalmonetary systemand how thesesystems can beclassifiedDiscussion is robust andincludes a thorough analysis ofboth the internationalmonetary system and how thesystems can be classified andprovides specific and relevantsupporting details75.0ptsDiscussion adequatelyaddresses both theinternational monetarysystem and how thesystems can be classifiedand provides sufficientdetails and analysis60.0ptsDiscussion ispresent butincomplete andprovides onlyminimal detailsand support52.0ptsDiscussion iseither missingor incomplete0.0pts75.0ptsThis criterion islinked to a LearningOutcomeDiscussthe impact that yourselected country hashad on the globaleconomyDiscussion of thecountry’s impact onthe global economy isthorough and includesa detailed historicalanalysis75.0ptsDiscussion of thecountry’s impact onthe global economy issufficient and includesan adequate historicalanalysis60.0ptsDiscussion of thecountry’s impact on theglobal economy is presentbut incomplete andprovides only minimaldetails and lacks ahistorical analysis52.0ptsDiscussion of thecountry’s impact onthe global economyis either missing orincomplete0.0pts75.0ptsThis criterion islinked to a LearningOutcomeAnalyzethe risks andconsequences yourselected countrymight face if theIMF was not inAnalysis is comprehensiveand thoroughly addressespotential risks andconsequences with specificand comprehensivesupporting details75.0ptsAnalysis is completeand adequatelyaddresses potentialrisks and consequenceswith sufficientsupporting details60.0ptsAnalysis is present butincomplete and does notadequately addresspotential risks andconsequences and includesonly minimal supportingdetails52.0ptsAnalysis iseithermissing orincomplete0.0pts75.0pts
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