The Health Care Staff.

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Running head- The Health Care StaffThe Health Care Staff
1The Health Care StaffThe Health Care StaffName of the organization: National Health ServiceDescription of the organization: National Health Service is a publicly funded health care system established in the UK. Medication is subsidized, and the prescription is free when situation warrant. The policies of the health care vary among England, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. It is an example of universal health care system. It serves all the legal resident of the England. Services provided by the National Health Service: Eye test, dental care, emergency treatment, prescriptions, primary care, in-patient care, long-term health care, etc.Core competencies are: Provide patient-centered careWork in interdisciplinary teamEmploy evidence-based practicesApply quality improvementUtilize informatics The organization is providing free health care services to the patient. The expectation and needs of the customers is better services and free medicationVision statement- improving the health condition of the people to live well, live long with peace of mind.The organization should provide free health care services to all over the globe especially in developing and underdeveloped country.Personal vision- eradicating the serious and infectious disease from the developing and underdeveloped countries and improve the mental health of the population.

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