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The History of Prescription Drug Abuse Change

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Added on  2020-02-19

The History of Prescription Drug Abuse Change

   Added on 2020-02-19

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Running head: MEDICAL DEPENDENCE AND PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSEMedical dependence and prescription drug abuseName of the student:Name of the University:Author note:
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1MEDICAL DEPENDENCE AND PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSEThe right to optimal health care is considered to be one of the basic needs for each andevery individual, and the medical industry has advanced considerably improving itself drasticallyto reach the remotest of corners with the availability of drugs. That is the reason why medicinesare available everywhere and costs for medication is within affordable limits for the most part(Kirschner, Ginsburg & Sulmasy, 2014). However, with the availability of the prescription drugsincreasing multiple folds every day, the temptation for overuse on misuse has been escalating aswell. The misuse and abuse of prescription drug has emerged as one of the significant andalarming Public Health issue of the current age (Hanson et. al., 2013). This paper willdemonstrate and explore the history of prescription drug abuse change, the structural and culturalfactors associated with it and Critical discussion of the issue at hand. There has been a time where pain used to be a constant part of human life and a happynothing to help take away the pain. Ever since active components of different drugs wereextracted and the physician started giving out pain medication like morphine, the usage of thesedrugs came with the excessive usage coupled with it (Maxwell, 2011). In the early 20th centurywith the instant relief that these pain medications provided the soldiers and veterans becamequickly addicted to these pain relieving drugs, and the cycle of misuse and abuse of prescriptiondrugs began with it. Along with it the addiction to cocaine, heroin and other recreational drugsescalated in the coming decade. In the mix 20th century, the truck specification outline beganand the availability of prescription drugs were restricted the uses only under the description ofthe physicians or medical practitioners. However the list use and abuse of prescription drugscontinued even after the outline due to extreme left of compliance exploitation issues (Zosel etal., 2013). As the prescription drug trade have been a profitable market, the issue of exploitationand non compliance only escalated and the rate of abuse and misuse continue to rise until the late
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2MEDICAL DEPENDENCE AND PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE20th century. However awareness about exploitation of prescription drugs began at the similartime in the late 20th centuries, although the entry drug addiction campaigns by not successful asexpected due to the extreme lack of knowledge in the mass (Bhambra, 2007). Even today,prescription drug continues to be one of the major public health problems all across the globe, asprescription drugs are very easy to obtain and as the general knowledge in the mass about theprescription drugs is that self medication is easy and harmless. The lack of knowledge in themass regarding the dangers and risks of self-medication has escalated the prescription drugmisuse further (Kantor et. al. 2014). Considering the social factor associated with prescription drug abuse, there are a number of factors to consider. First and foremost, the lack of awareness still persisting on the society regarding the abuse and misuse of prescription drugs deserves first recognition (Zgierska, Miller & Rabago, 2012). It has to be understood that the common idea in the society regarding impressionable drugs that are prescribed by physicians is that these drugs are safe just because they are prescribed by registered medical practitioners. Hence, the dangers of prolonged usage ofthese pain medication or other drugs completely elude the mass, and these drugs are deemed safethe common people continue to abuse and misuse it as per their preferences (Becker et al., 2008).Now considering the impressionable youth and their connection with the prescription drug abuse and misuse, we must not overlook that prescription drug addiction serves as the bonding experience in certain groups of young children and in order to survive the non-addicted will also start to abuse. Hence the social pressure and anxiety is one of the biggest Socio-cultural factors contributing to prescription drug exploitation (Johnston, 2010). Considering the core cultural factors, in communities where the prescription drug exploitation for recreational or relaxation purposes are a norm, one aware individual will not be able to easily switch the sides and come
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