The Hospitality Business Toolkit - Assignment

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The Hospitality BusinessToolkit
INTRODUCTIONHospitality Management is a specialised field of managing the goods and servicesprovided by different types service industries such as Lodging, event, transportation, cruise andrestaurants which includes food and beverages. This report will be aimed at employing differentstages of HR life cycle. This is based on Carnival corporation & PLC which is British AmericanCruise operator. It is one of largest leisure tour operator which consists of 100 ships along withthe food, bar, entertainment, etc. The study will provide KPI for improving the performance ofthe organization. It will also help in developing the performance management plan whichcontributes towards staff retention and sustainable development. Moreover, this report will help in identifying the negative behaviour of the employees atworkplace and so various recommendations are also provided to improve such situation withinthe company. It will justify the ethical and legal considerations within the Carnival Corporation.This study will also helps in analysing communication, coordination and beverage department ofthe cruise liner.1

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