The Impact of Branding on Consumer Behaviour in the Context of UK Retail Sector

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Research Project
Research ProposalTopic: To investigate the impact of branding on consumer behaviour in the context of UK retailsector: A comparative analysis of Apple and Samsung.Background of StudyThe term Branding is a methodology which provides an identity to the company and itsproducts as well as services in the market which differentiated it from its rivalry firms. Brandinghelps in increasing the value and profitability in total. Company having brand value, helpsconsumer in generating perception about quality and feature of products and services it isproviding. Branding acts as a signal which creates relationship between company's product andemotional perception of customer thereby building customer loyalty. The present report is basedon Impact of branding on consumer buying behaviour for Apple and Samsung related to UKretail sector. Apple Inc. is an American multinational company of technology which is engagedin the business of designing, developing and selling of consumer electronics, online services,computer software etc. Its products such as iPhone smartphones, iPad tablet computer, Macpersonal etc. are high in demand across the world. It is considered as the most trusted and of bestquality by huge number of consumer & is having revenue of US$265.595 till 2018 (Apple Inc,2019). Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is a South Korean multinational electronics company,which is major manufacturer of electronic components like batteries, mobile phones, chips etc.Research Aims and ObjectivesAimThe aim behind conducting of this research project is to evaluate the impact of brandingon the decision and buying behaviour of consumer with regards to Apple and Samsung.ObjectivesTo assess importance of branding in UK reatil sector.To understand models and theories related to consumer buying behavior.To study the influence of branding on buying behavior of Apple's and Samsung'scustomers.To recommend ways to Apple and Samsung in relation to influence customer buyingbehaviour positively.
Research QuestionsQ.1 Does branding has influence on the decision and buying behaviour of consumer in relation toApple and Samsung?Q.2 Which models and theories are associated with the buying behaviour of Apple and Samsungcustomers ?Rationale of the studyThe reason of conducting this research study is to evaluate the impact which branding creates onthe decision and buying behaviour of consumer. It has been undertaken with the objective ofdetermining the value which brands creates for the company thereby increases the overallprofitability of the company.This research project will describe how branding helps Apple andSamsung in establishing its image and position in the market place and how it develops brandtrust among its customers. This research will also shed light on the factors which helps consumerin building of loyalty towards brand value of the company.Literature ReviewAs per the view point of Ottman (2017), Branding is considered as a central term whichassist in creating brand image and value to the customer of the company. With the help of brand,company is able to gain competitive advantage over its rivalry firm. It supports the perception ofcustomer by building a specific image regarding the quality, feature and characteristics about theproduct and services provided by Apple and Samsung. Once the customer is satisfied with thequality of product, then it will make him repurchase the same brand without reconsidering muchabout it and thus builds brand loyalty. On the other side Dinnie (2015), argued that though brandhelps in building customer loyalty, but it is and expensive process too. Designing of a brand is anexpensive process as it involves significant research, naming of the development made, graphicand symbol designing etc. For maintaining the brand value, company has to incur expenditure oncreating of brand symbol and name. This expenses are initially borne by the company which arelater on charged form the customer by adding to the value of its products and services.Bruce, Byrne and Myers (2018), has stated that, with the help of brand image and value,companies are able to protect themselves from tough competition in the market and able to seekcompetitive advantages as well. This helps in securing more customer base for company too.
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