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Mental Health Nursing - Assignment

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Added on  2020-02-18

Mental Health Nursing - Assignment

   Added on 2020-02-18

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Running head: ASSIGNMENT 3Assignment 3Name of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
Mental Health Nursing - Assignment_1
1ASSIGNMENT 3Clinical Practice Improvement Project ReportProject Title:Aggressive and Mentally Ill Patient Handling ProjectProject Aim:Within four months, the mental health nurses will be well trained equipped and proficientenough to manage effectively the aggressive patients with mental illness in acute care settingthereby ensuring proper care provision to the distressed clients admitted in hospital. Relevance of Clinical Governance to your project:Clinical governance is considered as a systematic approach of maintenance andimprovement in terms of the quality of healthcare provision within the framework of healthcaresystem. It has the potential of enhancing the overall healthcare delivery experience for both theservice recipients as well as the staff associated with the process. The clinicians and theadministrators are likely to share equal responsibilities so that optimum outcomes may beachieved. In mental health setting, it is imperative for the nurses who are the frontline workforcedesignated to render quality health service to the patients to safeguard and maintain the healthstatus of the concerned persons. Empirical findings have supported the implementation andfostering of clinical management in addition to the risk management strategies for effectiveperformance of nursing duties. Educational programs render opportunities for the nurses to bettertheir professional experience through scopes of improvement (Smith, Latter & Blenkinsopp,2014). As part of clinical governance in mental health in the Australian context, variousmeasures are in place that encompasses clinical risk management, collaboration with official
Mental Health Nursing - Assignment_2
2ASSIGNMENT 3visitors program, mental health legislative framework, physical healthcare of mental healthconsumers initiatives and suicide prevention. For clinical risk management, root cause analysisreports alongside review and assessment of mental health related clinical incidents areconsidered in order to conduct ongoing assessment of clinical risks. Assistance to consumers onmatter related to community treatment disorders are carried out by the appointed official visitorswho are entitled to visit patients in mental health inpatient facilities within the jurisdiction ofNSW in Australia. Mental Health Legislative Framework renders opportunity for the review andamendment of certain mental health legislations that re in vogue. Promotion of patient safety andquality of care is further indicated through definite policy directive and guidelines that caters toboth physical as well as mental health provision. In this regard, suicide prevention has gainedprominence where definite strategies have been proposed to mitigate the occurrences(, 2017). Therefore, in the given project clinical governance is of particularsignificance to allow the nursing professionals to gain suitable training and facilities for bettermanagement of the aggressive patients with mental illness. Evidence that the issue/problem is worth solving:The issues of mental health are on the surge in the recent times in Australia consideringthat a plethora of services have come up in order to mitigate the issue. Policies and programs arein vogue to ensure that the vulnerable population and those who have been affected by thedisease get access to quality interventional services catering to their definite needs. Mental healthmake up of the affected individuals has been a matter of concern for the government and welfareorganizations that have come up with novel strategies to resolve the situation for the mentally illpatients requiring definite care strategies. The issue of mental health has garnered considerableattention to cope up with the ensuing situation in a befitting manner at all levels of the healthcare
Mental Health Nursing - Assignment_3
3ASSIGNMENT 3delivery system (, 2017). However, research has focused on the circumstancesrelevant to the acute mental health setting where safeguarding the rights of the patients isdebated. Acute mental health inpatient facilities have been put under the radar of investigation inwhich the locked door policies circumscribing the mental health issues have been diligentlycovered. The legal, ethical and clinical aspects of implementation of such policies have beenrecently been a topic of controversy where tensions have developed in an effort to balanceindividual rights along with public and personal protection (Wardle, 2015). Further research hasrevealed that the incidence of violence within acute psychiatric wards have threatened the safetyof other patients vis-à-vis the efficacy of the treatment provided. Moreover, the factors that havebeen attributed to culmination of violence in such settings include male gender, lifetime historyof violence and diagnosis of schizophrenia. Patients who have been admitted in acute psychiatricunit presents a likelihood of 1 out of 5 patients to commit an act of violence (Iozzino et al.,2015). The prevalence rates being of appreciable figure and the risk associated with committingof violence being high there is increased chance of being affected by mental health issues.Therefore, it is of paramount importance to conduct proper intervention strategies so that theissues may be mitigated to a considerable extent by virtue of consideration of the empiricalevidences. Key Stakeholders:Management of aggressive psychiatric patients is a challenging task on the part of thenurses who are considered as the forerunners of healthcare delivery system. The closeassociation of the nurses with the patients to render quality healthcare service is particularlyimportant for carrying out the nursing interventions in a satisfactory manner. Thus, the need ofmental health nurses are felt in a more rigorous manner to ensure that optimal care is rendered to
Mental Health Nursing - Assignment_4

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