The Importance of Charisma in Effective Leadership


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In this current paper, an argument-based discussion is represented on the topic namely, “Theimportance of charisma in the effective leadership.” Charisma can be defined in both spiritualand professional aspects. The current paper defines charisma in terms of professional aspect, andin context to the same, we describe charisma as an innate or acquired ability conferred on aperson holding an unusual potential of a compelling charm or attractive approach inspiringemployees, in a positive way (LePine et al., 2016). History has witnessed that many great leadershad one thing in common i.e. charisma. Charisma is often seen as an essential component of a successful leader who is globallyrespected in terms of their extraordinary ability such as charismatic leadership involving a senseof style, flair, and confidence to attract people. Too many people hold the belief about leadershipis that it is merely attaining a higher office or position and instead of focusing on character, theyfocus on rank. In order to be a successful or effective leader in an organization, following are thecharacteristics of charismatic leaders, such as emotional simplicity, self-confident, creative, risk-taking, and charm (Boehm et al., 2015). These charismatic leadership qualities are addressed asthe vital components towards running a successful business and entrepreneurship. The power ofcharisma in effective leadership is felt in business especially when it becomes tougher to guidethe people who work in the company if the leadership does not perform to its benchmark level.Also in today’s competitive business environment, retaining talented and highly skilledemployees and acquiring customers are getting tougher. In such case, the effective leadershipcomes into a power play, where they get to interact with subordinates through a smoother flow ofcommunication. Apart from the soft skills, charismatic leadership bearing smart, suave and tech-savvy qualities and keeping themselves abreast with all the latest news and current affairs are
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other attributes which make them great orators and conversationalists too. Thus, it can be feltthat the importance of charisma in effective leadership is essential for running a business.The current paper also argues that whether charisma is an attribute of the innate trait or can betaught (Zhihong et al., 2013). The recent issue published in The Atlantic says that charisma isn’tabout magic, as they are influenced by any other factors, such as the height of a person, wheretaller men are seen more as charismatic in comparison to other subordinates. Mental IQ orpersonality, quick-witted response, sense of humor are other attributes as well which define thecharisma effect (Nahavandi, 2016). Science has proven strategies to prove that charisma can be improved rather than referring it toan inbuilt quality. Dean Keith Simonton, a famous professor of psychology, quoted in his booknamed “Why Presidents succeed” that the most influential and effective communicators useconcrete language rather than an abstract. The author argues that most charismatic presidentswhile making their call to citizens of the country, reached out to make an emotional connectionwith people talking not to their brains but to their gut (Potosky, 2014). A psychologist namedRonald E. Riggio said that charismatic individuals are found to express their feelings bothspontaneously and genuinely, and this allows to effect the moods and emotions of others in apositive way. A true leader has the ability to touch millions of hearts by talking about theirpotential rather than indulging themselves in making an impressive statement about theirachievements because such sort of activity reflects on what is already known to be true ratherthan being virtual. Psychologist says that attractiveness and smiling are other two attributes thatstrengthens the relationship between charismatic leaders and their followers. (Belak andFilipovic, 2016). Above all, the characteristics of a leader need to be genuine and authentic.
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