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Research Proposal FormStudent Name: ______________________ Student ID:____________Centre Name: _____________________Tutor: ________________ Date:___________________Unit: ____________________Proposed Title: ______________________________________________Section One: Title, objective,responsibilitiesTitle or working title of theresearch project (in the form of aquestion, objective or hypothesis)“To identify the importance of globalisation andits influence on the making business successful. Astudy on Marks and Spencer.”Research questionsWhat are the benefits of globalisation forMarks and Spencer? Research objectives (e.g what is thequestion you want to answer? Whatdo you want to learn how to do?What do you want to find out?):To determine the concept of globalisation..To determine the challenges that can befaced by Marks and Spencer at the time ofoperating business globally.Section Two: Reasons for choosingthis research projectReasons for choosing the project(e.g links to other subjects you are1
studying, personal interest, futureplans, knowledge/skills you want toimprove, why the topic isimportant):Reason behind selecting this project isto enhance skills and knowledge aboutthe concept of globalisation and itsimpact on the overall success of thebusiness. Apart from this, anotherreason of choosing this research is toincrease researcher skills inglobalisation so that they can easilydeal with issue and obstacles arisewhile undertaking the project. One ofthe most important and basic reason toselect present research is that, it willeffectively benefit researcher tobrainstorm their ideas in a presenttopic and gain more careeropportunities while on the other hand,by choosing this research topicresearcher can further work in anorganisation on a specific related jobpost. Section Three: Literature sourcessearchedUse of key literature sources tosupport your research question,objective or hypothesis: Concept of globalisationGlobalisation is not a new concept, because withthe change in course of time it has providedcompany with large number of benefits. In orderto know about the concept of globalisation it hasprovided different organisation with a platformwhere firms can integrate, communicate with2

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