Math Assignment Invertible Matrix Theorem

Added on - 03 May 2020

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Running head: THE INVERTIBLE MATRIX THEOREM1The Invertible Matrix TheoremNameInstitution
THE INVERTIBLE MATRIX THEOREM2The Invertible Matrix TheoremLet then A be a3×3¿where n=3.A=[1304111073]We consider four statements from the invertible Matrix Theorem as shown.The statements extracted from the Invertible Matrix Theorem include: “Matrix A has n pivotpositions,the columns of the matrix form a linearly independent set,zero is not an eigenvalue ofmatrix A, and the determinant of A,det(A)0.Part a“Matrix A has n pivot positions”The row echelon form of the Matrix A can be computed as:R1: “add 4 times the 1strow to the 2ndrow” to obtain[130011273]R2: “add 2 times the 1strow to the 3rdrow” to obtain[1300110133]R3: “multiply the 2nd row by -1” to obtain[1300110133]R4: add -13 times the 2nd row to 3rd row to obtain[1300110016]
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