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The Journey Beyond Hell’s GateSoftware Requirements Specificationproj_reqs_The_Journey_Beyond_Hell's_Gate.docxDraft 116 September, 2016RevisionsVersionPrimaryAuthor(s)Description of VersionDateCompletedVersion 1.0The first version of the requirements for The Journey Beyond Hell’s Gate.10/8/16Contents1 INTRODUCTION1.1 PURPOSE1.2 SCOPE1.3 DEFINITIONS, ACRONYMS, AND ABBREVIATIONS1.4 REFERENCES1.5 OVERVIEW2 OVERALL DESCRIPTION2.1 PRODUCT PERSPECTIVE
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2.1.1 System Interfaces2.1.2 User Interfaces2.1.3 Hardware Interfaces2.1.4 Software Interfaces2.1.5 Communications Interfaces2.1.6 Memory Constraints2.1.7 Operations2.1.8 Site Adaptation Requirements2.2 PRODUCT FUNCTIONS2.3 USER CHARACTERISTICS2.4 CONSTRAINTS2.5 ASSUMPTIONSAND DEPENDENCIES2.6 APPORTIONINGOF REQUIREMENTS3 SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS3.1 EXTERNAL INTERFACE REQUIREMENTS3.1.1 User Interfaces3.1.2 Hardware Interfaces3.1.3 Software Interfaces3.1.4 Communications Interfaces3.2 SOFTWARE PRODUCT FEATURES3.2.1 Feature 1PurposeStimulus/Response SequenceAssociated Functional Requirements3.3 PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS3.4 DESIGN CONSTRAINTS3.5 SOFTWARE SYSTEM ATTRIBUTES3.5.1 Reliability3.5.2 Availability3.5.3 Security3.5.4 Maintainability3.6 LOGICAL DATABASE REQUIREMENTS3.7 OTHER REQUIREMENTSIntroductio1.PurposeThis text based game was created to further our knowledge of java, sql and the software developmentcycle as well as to satisfy the requirements for GGC ITEC 3860 Software Development I. This game wascreated for our professor, Rick Price, and the students in GGC ITEC 3860-03 Software Development Ifall semester 2016.2.Scope
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This text based game will be a console game called the Journey beyond Hell’s gate. The game functionswill be controlled through a graphical user interface which will consist of a command line for enteringtext based commands and an area for viewing your commands and information printed to the interfacefrom the game. It will have a save and load feature as well as score keeping abilities. The user will haveto navigate through a 50 room map fighting monsters and solving puzzles along the way.Program will be developed using Java IDE Eclipse. Eclipse with be the main point of programming andwill be where the program will be developed. All Java code will reside in Eclipse packages. Eclipse offersvarious built in Java classes that will be used in the creation of the program.3.Product PerspectiveProgram will be similar to other adventure game, but will lack a graphical avatar that the user controls.Instead, the user will command the hero and interact with the game world by type text commands into thegui command line such as “help” or “move left”. The gui will show descriptive text of environment,monsters and puzzles printed from the game as well as the user generated commands.Program will not be self-contained. Program will be somewhat dependent on a database for roomdescriptions and puzzle and monster creations. Program will need the assistance of Eclipse and a databasemanagement system in order to function correctly.1.User InterfacesThe user will interact with a gui that consists primarily of a text area which displays the user's textcommands and text describing the game world and game encounters. This gui will also have a text fieldfor the user to enter their commands, a help menu, an inventory menu, a save and load option, and it willalso display the user’s current score and high score.The program will be easy to interact with and will ensure that the user is able to understand what isneeded from them. The program will use simple language and display all available options and helpcommands. The program will not require anything more than the basic computer components (monitor,tower, mouse, keyboard).2.Hardware InterfacesThe program will require the use of a monitor, computer base, keyboard, and mouse. These are the onlycontrols needed. The program will be hosted on a team member’s computers as well as the database. 3.Software InterfacesProgram will be ran on an Operating System and created using the combination of a Java IDE anddatabase management system. Eclipse with store all program files while the database fields will be storedwithin a DBMS. The user interface will be apart of the Java package stored in Eclipse.Software Information:Eclipse IDE for Java DevelopersoVersion: Mars Release (4.5.0)oSource: OracleSQL ServeoVersion: 2016oSource: Microsoft
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4.Communications InterfacesOnly communication needed for program is DBMS connection.5.Memory ConstraintsThe software should be built with some sort of constraints to use a limited amount of memory.6.OperationsProgram will only take in consideration saving and recovery. User will be able to save current progress ingame and return to it later. Current progress will be saved in designated slot.4.Product FunctionsMajor functions of the program will include database communications, room, monster and puzzlegeneration, saving capabilities, menu display, and inventory limitation. 5.User CharacteristicsIntended user will be young adult that is interested and has knowledge of text-based adventure games.User should be exposed of adventure type games and understand the objective of such a game. Usershould be literate and able to comprehend simple move commands and story plots. User should havepuzzle solving skills in order to achieve levels.6.ConstraintsProgram must operate on a functional OS. Mac, Linux, and Windows OS all work for processingprogram. A Java JVM must be present on the computer that the program is being used in order for allJava files to run appropriately. 7.Assumptions and DependenciesThe requirements in this document are dependent on the requirements given to us by Professor Rick Pricein GGC ITEC 3860-03 Software Development I in the fall semester of 2016. The assumption is therequirements given by Rick Price will not change.8.Apportioning of RequirementsGUI will be delayed until future versions due to limitation of time. GUI is not a necessary requirementbut does allow program to be more convenient to user.2.External Interface Requirements1.User InterfacesAt the beginning of the game, the program will output the objective and story plot of the game. It willthen place the user in a room and output a description of the room the user is starting off in. Thedescription will include the number of exits in the room and the directions the user can go. The user willthen input either the direction they wish to go or command the program to allow them to go through anexit to another room. The first room with have no puzzles nor monsters. For the next rooms, the user will
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