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The Key Elements of Total Quality Management

Added on - 07 Mar 2020

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Running head: QUALITY AND SAFETY IN HEALTHCAREQuality and Safety in HealthcareName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1QUALITY AND SAFETY IN HEALTHCAREQuestion 1Define Quality in healthcare and explain the key elements of total qualitymanagement and continuous quality improvement in the healthcare context.Quality of healthcare can be defined, as the services that are provided to the individualsas well as to patients have desired improvement in health outcome. Quality in healthcare can beachieved if the following significant factors are been maintained:Safe is the health care service that should be delivered with minimal chances of risk to thepatients. Service provider should also look after reducing error in medication and avoidinginjuries.Effective services should be provided on basis of evidence-based guidelinesDecreasing the possible delays in providing services of health careHealthcare services should be delivered in such a way that it does not have any difference inrespect to gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status and race (Campbell, Roland & Buetow,2013).Key elements of TQM and continuous quality improvement are as follows:Strategic planning and leadership is the changes in the form of expectations of customers,advanced technologies for diagnostics, evolution in system of patient care and innovativeopportunities is been anticipated by strategic planning. Relations can achieve leadership inhealth care service for a long-term with significant customers, doctors, suppliers and employees.
2QUALITY AND SAFETY IN HEALTHCARETotal quality management can be achieved by reviewing the performance of health care withthese stakeholders and a role model of leadership by senior leaders (Munechika et al., 2014).Customer focus is significant as clients judges the quality ultimately, therefore, every strategicdecision in a health care system should be customer driven. The factors like professional ethicsof health care service providers, sharing quality standards, health and safety of patients andenvironment are the key strategies for providing customer satisfaction.Assurance of quality is one of the significant elements for TQM. It helps in providing enoughconfidence on patient services for getting customer satisfaction regarding quality of serviceprovided. It provides necessary training to employing for providing quality services. Qualityassurance team also helps in quality planning, improvement in regulation of services and internalaudit (Mohammad Mosadeghrad, 2013).Question 2Patient safety is considered to be the cornerstone of high quality health care. Whatis meant by the two terms safety in healthcare and patient safety?Safety in healthcare is about providing safety to the employees who are providing theservices of healthcare. There is a requirement of building the proactive safety system for assuringthe safety system in healthcare. Safety in healthcare helps to protect workers, saving fund aswell as making every programs regarding reduction of hazards to be effective. Safety inhealthcare is considered a proactive process, which assists the employees in finding and fixingthe hazards in healthcare sector. This is done with the help of health management system. Safetyin healthcare is a transformation of workplace culture, which assists in reduction of injuries,
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