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THE LAW AND YOU1Sole ground for the divorceIt has been observed that there are distinct and the various procedures and the laws which give aperson an approval for the divorce. Further, the divorce’s sole ground is the adultery. But, insome of the nations, the adultery of males is acceptable due to distinct cultures which have adifferent perception towards the various situations of divorce. The various other grounds of thedivorce which can also be considered are like mistreatment and the brutality of the greatest order,domestic violence and imprisonment and the sexual harassment.Facts and the pre-conditions which are recognized in support of divorceThe behavior of a male or a female which is not reasonable and was done in anunexpected way. This further includes physical or domestic violence, abuse like insults,drunkenness, etc.When the male of female leaves the other person without any agreement, valid reason,etc. Also, desertion can be claimed when the couple is living for six months in thatparticular period.If the male or female is living apart for more than a period of two years can also apply inorder to get a divorce and will be supported by law.Issues in the marriage dissolutionThe issues in the dissolution of the marriage as the matters of ancillary are custody of thechildren, dower, alimony and impact on the relations.
THE LAW AND YOU2Legal process when a person diesIt is necessary to take the medical certification from the healthcare as it will be required in orderto register the person’s death. The registration is to be done within a period of five days and thenthe documents will be made available for the funeral.Identification of the beneficiaries in relation to the will of a deceasedThe law will acknowledge the deceased’s spouse along with the children in order to be thebeneficiary’s principal in relation to the properties. Further, the bill will make sure that there willbe a direct link either through blood or law for the deceased’s ownership (Goldstone, H.,Hughes, J. E., & Whitaker, K. 2016). The permission from the court will be taken in order to getthe possession of the estate by applying the probate. Further, if the amount is below $15,000,then there is no requirement of seeking approval. Moreover, the responsibilities of the concernedperson are to pay the debt and the tax on behalf of the deceased if in case it is required. Also,seek the approval from the court for the possession.Section A-Answer 1:False, there is not only one ground in relation to divorce.Answer 2:TrueAnswer 3:False, married women can hold the property in her name as well.Answer 4:TrueAnswer 5:False, it is not necessary to issue the license for the marriage before it can becontracted.Answer 6:True
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