Purpose of Developing Database of Company

Added on - Sep 2019

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The main purpose of developing database of a company is to keep therecord of the company’s employee and their respective activities. Thestructure of database that I choose to create is that there will be table ofemployee in which all the personal detail of the employee kept, there will beanother table named as department in which there is a list of all thedepartment exist in the company along with its department ID and thereference of department ID passes into the table employee to know thatwhich employee works in which department. There should be another tablenamed as employee leaves which will kept the record of employee leaves,in this we place data as leave date and the ID of employee to track thatwhich employee was on leave along with date this will help the HRdepartment to track the details of leaves for each employee. There shouldbe another table named as project in that table we will keep the record ofthe project handled by company and there will be reference of employee IDin this table to see which employee are doing this project.There are multiple factors that will judge my database system, I willmention some of the points and discuss weather my database is up to themark on this point or not. First factor will be the performance of thedatabase and as you know that database system is always fast if compareto the manual recording of data, as well fetching data is much more fasterthan manual fetching and fetching the complex data is only possible incomputer database system. In terms of scalability of database thedatabase of a company always not too big because there will be limitednumber of activities that in a company done and this database can bealtered according to the requirement. We can divide the whole databasesystem development into 2 phase that are development and maintenanceso there will be two phases in which owner have to pay, while developingcosts much higher than the maintenance but it spend only one time.Security of the database handled by the developer so for me I will developa module by which only authorized person can access the database withentering the valid credentials, so by this it will be very much secured. Thewhole system is to help the user and being developed by the databaseadministrator and the developer, to handle the whole system there aremany tools are available to ease the function of developer as well as theuser because by the help of these tool sets development of the database
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