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The Negligence of Doctors: A Societal Plight

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Added on  2019-09-18

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This article discusses the negligence of doctors and the impact it has on society. It emphasizes the importance of empathetic and competent medical care, and highlights the unethical practices that some doctors engage in for financial gain. The author shares a personal experience that motivated them to become a doctor and serve patients compassionately. The article concludes by recognizing the doctors who have served humanity with dignity and pride, and calling on all medical practitioners to treat patients as human souls.
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THE “ME” IN SOCIETYDue to the negligence rush& overdose of prescribed drug, Prince Rogers Nelson age 57, a famous songwriter died tragically. He left behind four beautiful young teenage daughters as a survivor & a widower. This is not the first time; we might be reading such news articles &could relate to tragedy?Being a professional doctor this comes as a routine task to supervise & see patients personally.In return, patient’s blind trust & confidence to invest time & energy in you makes you more responsible & accountable.Such human despair should be responded with empathically.The increasingly widespread of health issues, conditions, illnesses, injuries requires doctors to becompetent & take timely actions/measurements to attentively detect & cure it.Today every health care centre, hospital and doctors seem to take undue advantage of practices preached and tend to focus on wealth creation at expense of ill-treated patients. There are numerous examples wherein incorrect medicines which have strong negative adverse effects on patient are prescribedleading to major health issues with patient. The society feels helpless & blindly follows doctor advises due to the faith/trust embedded in them.For me, pondering over human plights & thinking sympathetically comes from a childhood experience & learning. During my young days, I was bed ridden for a couple of days with a bad cough, cold & seizures. My parents with concern approached a neighborhood doctor who sent me back home saying its nothing to worry about. But prolonged weakness made me weak & dizzy & after approaching second doctor I was detected with pneumonia. Timely intervention saved my life but a thought graved inside my mind. Thousands of kids die due to mere negligence & doctors just thinking about their paychecks. At that moment, I promised to be best doctor available.Now turning back to today, I have also experienced cross sales targets in hospitals & peer doctors influencing & requesting for references & recommendations be it for patients, billings or newly launched expensive medicines. For this, we are offered per referral bonus & incentives forrecommendations. Aiming for cross sales targets results in lengthy experiments & procedures onpatients which is sometimes not warranted & required. For e.g. a simple cough & cold patient forwhich we can give a already tested medicine as per peer doctors & hospital targets would be requested for a X-ray examination, newly launched medicines & then a second opinions from another doctor. Personally I felt, from my own conscious that they are treated as guinea pigs in a laboratory.Seeing the last year 2015 survey due to sheer negligence & experiments on the part of hospitals & doctorsatleast1: 250 in treated patients have been reported & proved to be medically unfit.
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