The Mega, Zanzibar Island Travel Guide

Added on - 15 Oct 2020

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The Mega, Zanzibar Island Travel GuideLocationNestled in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Tanzania, East Africa one can observe a cluster orislands which are collectively named Zanzibar.The two major islands in the cluster are Pemba and Unguja. Unguja Island is surprisingly also known asZanzibar Island.There are various other small islands scattered around these two. They range from the ones with theirown unique sense of identity and ethnic grouping to mere sandbanks.Recently, the Attorney Generals of Zanzibar and the Union reached an agreement that the islands werean integral component of the Tanzanian State. Zanzibar is therefore, a part of Tanzania as opposed tobeing a sovereign state.The recently concluded status of Zanzibar is good news for travelers owing to the fact that being part ofan already established state accords the isle better management.Swahili is recognized as the official language of Zanzibar. Other languages spoken in the area includeArabic and English.The total area covered by Zanzibar is estimated at 2,462 square kilometers.The Island’s shares an international phone code with its parent state, Tanzania, which is +255.Zanzibar City is the Island’s capital city and the largest one as such. It is located on the island of Ungujawith its primary historic center being the Stone Town. The Stone Town is one of the leading WorldHeritage Sites. Travelers are assured to find this site as intriguing as the Island itself. Zanzibar City andthe Island at large operate on three primary industries: tourism, raffia, and spices.
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