The Microservice Architecture - Assignment

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MICRO SERVICE ARCHITECTUREBy(Name)(Course)(Professor’s Name)(Institution)(State)(Date)
IntroductionThe micro service architecture can simply be referred to as the micro service. This is a veryunique method of creating the systems of the software which are very much popular in thecurrent world1. The introduction and the development of the Internet of Things in the recent agesin the technology world has really helped the developers of the systems in the development ofthe Enterprise Resource Planning systems. The systems and software which are developed usingthe Internet of things method are very much preferred since the development supports the accessof the systems in many devices remotely.The micro service are identified using unique styles of development, systems which are runs itsown unique process hence making it possible for the modules of the system to communicate witheach other easily and without any problem is what defines the system employed by the use ofmicro service.Service communicationThe communication of the services in the micro services architectural systems depends mostlyon the requirement of the application which is developed by the developers. It is accepted thatmost of the developers makes use of the HTTP or rather theRepresentational State Transfer(REST ) which utilizes the JSON technology2. This is never the restriction for the usage by thedeveloper since their the protocols are the communication which exists currently are so manyand are free to choose from the varieties which they check as more good and suitable for theirpurpose. Though the REST method is the most useful method than others which are consideredvery lower in complexity as compared to the other protocols.1Dmitry, N. and Manfred, S.S., 2014. On micro-services architecture.International Journal of OpenInformation Technologies,2(9).2Krylovskiy, A., Jahn, M. and Patti, E., 2015, August. Designing a smart city internet of things platformwith microservice architecture. InFuture Internet of Things and Cloud (FiCloud), 2015 3rd InternationalConference on(pp. 25-30). IEEE.
Characteristics of Applications developed using Micro service ArchitectureThe applications which are developed by the employment of the micro service architecture arevery much distinguished since they possess the following key traits;a.The service of the applications of the architecture are very easy in terms of replacement.b.The organization of the services are always around the capabilities, this includes thefollowing; the graphical user interface in the client side of the system or application, thebilling, recommendations and other services.c.The implementation of the services can be done using various language of programming,the software environment, the database and the hardware in dependence of the one whichis the best suitable.d.The application services are light in weight, small in the size, the messaging service isenabled hence easy in communication between the modules created, its development isautonomous, and also the they are bound by the context.e.The micro service architecture applications have their services which are deployedindependently.f.The services involves the processes which are able to communicate over the network inorder or with core reason of fulfilling the objectives by the use of the HTTP protocol. Theapplication of the HTTP protocol or the REST protocol is not the limitation as thedeveloper is free to choose other forms or method of creating communication within themodules other than the HTTP and the REST.The TechnologiesThe implementation of the micro service can be done using different or variety of the languageused for programming. They are also bound and free to using different infrastructures or thehardware in the development. Hence, the most important and crucial technology which can bechosen is how the services are able to communicate with one another over a network, theIntegration of the user interface, the asynchronous and the synchronous, and also the protocolswhich are be employed in the communication, this includes the REST, messaging and other
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