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The Music Industry Law : Report

Added on - 24 Feb 2020

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Running head: MUSIC INDUSTRY LAWMusic Industry LawName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1MUSIC INDUSTRY LAWIntroductionThe music industry is one of the finest and vas industry which consists of various companies andindividual people who are earning the capitals by successfully running their business bycomposing new songs, selling live concerts, live shows, different audio and video recording andthe organizations and associations where they creating the compositions of the song1. The musicindustry control and operate by several organizations or individuals where different kind ofactivities are present for controlling. It can be creating or selling the recorded music where musicpublishers, music producers, record labels Studios, other online music stores are included. Whenit has been found as there are other organizations that perform live music programs, all of it arerelated with the sound engineers, booking agents, promoters, music venues, road crews all areincluded2.DiscussionThe music industry is one of the best business industries where it produces a fine line betweenthe artistry and a structured business sense. When someone wants to have their own businesswhich is related to the music industry a sound business infrastructure is one of the great ideas forstarting the music industry business. It is important to choose appropriate business structure forrunning a business successfully. It applies several liabilities for the owner of the business. Inaddition when the business is running the liability is become are debts or a circumstance whichrepresent the liability to the proper legislations of the law3. The success in the music business1Ashkenas, Ron, et al. The boundaryless organization: Breaking the chains of organizational structure. John Wiley& Sons, 2015.2Passm Ashkenas, Ron, et al. The boundaryless organization: Breaking the chains of organizational structure. JohnWiley & Sons, 2015. an, Donald S. All you need to know about the music business. Simon and Schuster, 2015.3
2MUSIC INDUSTRY LAWdepends on the intention of the Businessman and the strategy of business plan where it will beapplicable by the law. In the future in the music business industry which always includes the soleproprietorship, the Corporation and the partnership where this will help the owner of the businessin the music industry. The sole proprietorship defines the individual business where only oneowner should present and control the organization and make it a corporation or a limited liabilitycompany. In the sole proprietorship it is need to have the common business registration where itshould be start the basic legal structure which can be applied according to the law of that countryor city or the state. Therefore as per the legal terms of the sole proprietorship need to give thenominal taxes and if any other personal liable for debts are required they need to pay then it willbe the owner, who solely responsible for paying the every individual tax returns4.The partnership is another form of sole proprietorship where the owner can be more thanone. The liability in the partnership is depend according how the owners are making their ownpartnership, where they can set their own rules and both of the partners are responsible and liablefor every business debts. In the partnership the partners can also choose the term of Limitedpartners where the personal liabilities are free between the partners but they can have theirmutual understanding over the business decisions and operation. This is one of the forms ofbusiness where at least one general partner should require.The corporation terms define where more than owners have equal personal liability wherethey have the capability of issue in public or private stock. There are two kinds of Corporationcan be seen in music industry one is C Corporation which they have a complete separate taxedownership or they have shareholders and in the S Corporation the partners who are the owners of4Ashkenas, Ron, et al. The boundaryless organization: Breaking the chains of organizational structure. John Wiley& Sons, 2015.
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