Assignment on The National Health Service

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Running head: THE NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE (NHS)The National Health ServiceName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
2THE NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE (NHS)TheNational Health Service(NHS) is the oldest and the largest single payer healthcare system of the world, based in England. It is a publicly funded system for the citizen ofEngland and is one among the four largest health care services in the United Kingdom. Itprovides healthcare facilities including dentistry, primary care, long term healthcare, in-patient care and ophthalmology to every legal resident of UK. The private health care systemhas continues parallel to the NHS since its emergence in 19481. In this article about theexcellencies of NHS over the private healthcare system. However, the things are no longerthat easy in current days, as the differences between the private healthcare system and NHSare blurring with the passage of time but still there are minute key differences between them.It is very costly to have an intensive-care unit (ITU) in a healthcare system and asaccording to the recent data; around 90 percent of the total private hospitals in U.K haveinadequate backup facilities for the intensive-care treatments. While in NHS specialisthospitals, they have excellent intensive care facilities and there is no need of routineprocedures as well2. Although they are present in few specialist private hospitals in U.K butthey often lack this. It is a known fact that if a patient becomes critically unwell in the privatehospitals in England then they are likely to get transferred to the nearby NHS facility for theiremergency care. In fact, if one requires a complex cardiac scan, the private hospitals may alsorefer him to the NHS for that test. So, what does these means? The NHS has many otherspecialist doctors that are global leaders in areas like cardiac, pediatric and cancer care3.According to the recent survey, people all over the world fly in to U.K in order to gettreatment under these doctors in the NHS yet they are frequently ignored and overlooked bythe U.K private hospitals. With the same, the patients in the NHS are seen quicker and are1Choices, N. H. S. "About the NHS." (2013).2Patel, V., et al. "Neartotal mandibular reconstruction in the absence of microvascular grafts."Oral Surgery9.4(2016): 215-221.3Ray, Sumantra, et al. "Nutrition education and leadership for improved clinical outcomes: trainingand supporting junior doctors to run ‘Nutrition Awareness Weeks’ in three NHS hospitals acrossEngland."BMC medical education14.1 (2014): 109.
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