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The national women petition of 1833

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Added on  2022-08-26

The national women petition of 1833

   Added on 2022-08-26

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Running head: HISTORY
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The national women petition of 1833_1
1. Mary Wollstonecraft argued that the women appeared to be inferior to men as they lack
2. The Declaration of Sentiments spoke for the equality of men before education, law and
3. Abolitionism was the process of abolishing slave trade and setting them free.
4. Slavery declined in many countries because of the awareness grown after American Civil
war in 1865.
5. The serfdom was attributed widespread plague epidemic of Black Death hence declined.
6. The largest single emancipation was the national women petition of 1833 against slavery.
7. Zionism is the movement for re-establishing and developing the protection of the Jewish
nation in Israel.
8. Jews wanted their on land to control because Israel was their birthplace.
9. Dreyfus Affair is a scandal that involved a Jewish Artillery captain in the army of France
namely Dreyfus. He was falsely convicted to pass the military secrets to Germany.
10. Before the establishment of Israel in 1948, the Zionist obstacles were anti-Semitic rioting
that out broke 1946-49.
1. The causes of American Revolution are
The Founding of the Colonies. ...
French and Indian War. ...
Taxes, Laws, and More Taxes. ...
Protests in Boston
Intolerable Acts
2. The declaration of independence were written by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas
Jefferson, Roger Sherman, and Robert Sherman. This was influenced by the philosopher John
3. The unalienable rights are those which are never forfeited. These are the fundamental parts of
the humanity. This is the moral intersections that is irrevocable.
4. France helped the colonists to defeat Great Britain.
The New Zealand Wars
5. The causes of New Zealand Wars are related to the dubious land purchase by the foreign
companies and demands of the settlers to move on to the lands.
6. The result of this war led to major confiscation of the land owned by Maori community.
The French revolution
1. Causes:
Liberty, Fraternity and equality
The national women petition of 1833_2
2. Bankrupt
3. First estate were clergymen
Second estate were nobility
Third estate were the common people.
4. The commoners in France were upset due to the economic and political problems
originated from the luxurious lifestyle of the monarchy. They wanted to establish a
republic government.
5. Commoners, Bastille fortress.
6. Bastille was representative of the oppression of monarchy upon the commoners.
7. French revolution changed-
Took political poser of the Catholic Church
End the French Monarchy.
8. His guillotined death.
9. Reign of terror took place after Robespierre declared himself to be the ruler of the
country. After French revolution he started to rile the people with group of his men
named Committee of Public Safety and was executed finally.
10. Napoleon.
The Haitian Revolution
1. Toussaint L’Ouverture was a former Haitian slave who led the slave revolt and helped the
country to become independent.
2. L’Ouverture army established the constitution where the slaves will be running the
government and be treated equally like all the other people.
3. The constitution of L’Ouverture relates to the empowerment of the slaves eliminating the
religious malpractices and established importance of moral and ethics in legislation,
agriculture and business of the country.
4. The land reformation relates to the dominance of the French colonists eliminating the
rights of the slaves in the cultivation of lands. Now the changes were made to give lands
to the former slaves.
5. Jean Jazques Dessalines wrote national anthem of Haiti, "La Dessalinienne".
6. Haiti became
Free from slave trade
Independence from French colony
Division of the island
Confusion regarding power and ruling was similar to that of the previous time
Haiti became independent from the French dominance.
Creole Revolution
The national women petition of 1833_3

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