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The News Industry Assignment

Added on - 01 Apr 2020

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THE NEWS INDUSTRY2The News IndustryIntroductionThe news is one of the major story making aspects that a large number of individualsare significantly interested in. People seek to understand the occurrences that take place intheir countries, which can affect them or other individuals. With this regard, therefore, asignificant industry has fully been established in every country, whose main purpose is todeliver news to all individuals. Even before technological advancements which led to theestablishment of aspects like the World Wide Web, the news industry where people managedto attain the proceedings of the country had already been established. Companies that operatein this industry include the newspapers companies, magazines, and different televisionprograms, which ensure that they inform individuals on all the occurrences which take placein their countries that might eventually impact their lives. Significant changes, have howeveroccurred, since the establishment and advancement of technology, and mostly the WorldWide Web. The internet has led to the emergence of many other ways through which peoplecan share news and information, an aspect that has significantly impacted the news industry.This paper assesses the news industry and evaluates the different ways through which it hasbeen impacted by the internet and other recent changes. It specifically assess the Singaporeanonline newspaper known as The Strait Times Newspaper and evaluated how it has reinventeditself.Changing trends in the news industryTo understand effectively on the many changes that have occurred, which differentthe traditional news industry and the current one, it is appropriate to assess the changingtrends in this industry. The first major trend that has been developing and changingsignificantly is the growing role of social media in sharing news information. A large number
THE NEWS INDUSTRY3of individuals are currently utilizing social media to share information. Currently, almost allindividuals that are interested in technology can access the internet through gadgets likemobile phones and laptops. This capability provides these individuals with access to socialmedia platforms like Facebook and twitter, where it is very easy for them to obtain andaccess information. With this regard, therefore, the individuals can remain completelycapable and appropriate in the activities that they involve in. The other important aspect ofconsideration is the means through which individuals can remain capable of retainingeffectiveness in the activities that individuals involved in, without the problem ofeffectiveness which they may face (Belam, 2010).The other significant changing aspect in this industry is the problem of fake news,which has significantly emerged since the establishment of social media methods of sharingnews. In social media platforms, individuals are given the responsibility to share news andcommunicate their ideas to other individuals. This aspect has led to a large number ofindividuals being provided with information which is however not true, an aspect thatsometimes misleads them. With this understanding, it is clear that the industry requiresestablishing certain means through which it can operate in an appropriate manner and reduceinstances where individuals are provided with information that is not credible.Opportunities for and challenges faced by the news industryThe news industry is currently facing a large number of challenges and opportunities.To begin with, the industry is facing a major challenge of the fake news issue, where a largenumber of companies that give news are challenged by the need to prove to their audiencethat the information they give is credible. If for example, an individual viewed a fake newsarticle from a certain source in social media, he or she would not have a lot of confidencewhen viewing any other news article, since there would be no clarity on whether the
THE NEWS INDUSTRY4information provided in that article is credible. There is, however, the major opportunity thatthe industry companies have, where they can demonstrate and brand themselves as the onlyorganization whose information can be relied upon. Another opportunity that present is theuse of technology to develop and improve how information is shared and the means throughthe audience have better ways of accessing this information. A Magazine’s company, has, forexample, the opportunity to provide its magazine content on the internet, where anyindividuals looking for any specific magazine can access it easily (Wilson, & Layton, 2017).Section 2Propose a research question and select an appropriate research method to determinehow successfully the online newspaper had reinvented itself to meet the challenge posedby the digital revolution.As explained earlier, the digital evolution is a major recent change that hassignificantly affected the news industry. It simply involves the recent technology changes thathave taken place which has resulted in a large number of individuals having the ability toshare the news with other people through internet-based platforms like Facebook and Twitter.As a response to this occurrence, the newspaper companies have felt the need to establishthemselves online, to make sure that all individuals manage to access credible news from anyorganization that they prefer in an appropriate manner. The online newspaper has thus neededto reinvent its self sometimes to meet and remain competitive despite the challenge that isposed by the digital revolution. The aspect of reinvesting to increase competitiveness is wellrecognized, and it purposefully understood. Here is, however, the need to determine whetherthis reinvention was successful and has helped the newspaper meet its desired goals andtargets. A research study can thus be utilized to determine this aspect and explain whether thereinvention mentioned is appropriate and beneficial. The appropriate research question to
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