Operation and Performance of Turbine Engine

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Running Head: THE OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE OF TURBINE ENGINEOperation and Performance of Turbine EngineNameInstitutional affiliation
THE OPERATION AND PERFORMANCE OF TURBINE ENGINE2Operation and Performance of Turbine EngineThe turbine engine is a system that is composed of numerous auxiliary subsystems andturbomachinery. Air gets into the compressor section which is propelled by a component of theturbine and is located on the equivalent shaft. Air leaves from the compressor at a pressure that ishigh and gets into the chamber of combustion, where the fuel’s chemical energy is converted intoa thermal energy hence releasing the gas of combustion at a temperature that matches to thetemperature of the turbine inlet design. The gas of combustion expands in the followingcomponents of the turbines where the total energy is converted partially into the exit kineticenergy and shaft workTurbine Engine Operating CyclesThe four constant and continuous events are the exhaust, intake, expansion, and compression.These cycles are discussed depending on their application on the engine of the gas turbine.Intake cycle: During the cycle of intake, air gets in at constant volume and ambient pressure. Theair will then escape from the intake at a decreased volume and increased pressure[ CITATIONAnd09 \l 1033 ].Compression cycle: This cycle takes place at the compressor where the air is gotten from theintake at a higher pressure which is more than the ambient and a lower volume. Air is thencompressed by the compressor and then leaves the compressor at a decreased volume andincreased pressure. This action is as a result of compressor’s mechanical action.Expansion: This cycle takes place in the chamber of combustion through fuel burning whichincreases the volume of air through heating which the pressure remaining constant. The gases
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