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Kim (2013) conducted a study to determine new Korean students' oral communication ability in English in an American business school. Kim (2013) examines and analyses teaching and education methods in the United States, with a focus on how these methods or processes affect the participation of students of Korean descent. This institute uses an interactive approach to teaching and learning. The author offers suggestions for motivating Korean students.

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Running head: ADVANCED WRITING AND RESEARCH SKILLSAdvanced Writing and Research Skills 1Name of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor’s note
2ADVANCED WRITING AND RESEARCH SKILLSThe study conducted by Kim (2013) aims of find out the oral communication ability andskills of new Korean students in an American business school. In this report Kim (2013), reviewsand analyses the teaching and education methods in the United States and seeks informationabout how this method or process impacts the participation of the students form Korean decent.In this institute teaching and education is follows an interactive process. The author states waysby which Korean students can be encouraged.Some MBA programs in the US enroll international students; these students sit for aEnglish test. But the test that they take is not enough to understand their communication skillsand their ability to speak and interact in English language in the class. Education is directlycorrespondent to the ability to communicate in between the student and the educator. In Koreanculture Confucian traditions are followed, like Chaemyon, which means saving face thisindicates that silence is preferred over interactions. This tradition is also common in Koreaneducation system. Hence, for them to participate in the class, it will take a little more than justtalking. The author is of the view that the students can speak in English and their understandingof the language is also good. For the purpose of study the author had conducted an interviewwith five students form a business school and has also observed their behavior in the class. Theauthor states that the students are very attentive in the class but are not participative; they also donot speak much in the class as the students. The interview and the observations of the author have lead to some specific inference.The Korean students feel it is unnecessary to talk if not spoken to it is a part of their culture that

In Conclusion, the author claims that students' behavior is a direct reflection of the culture they are born into; thus, it is the responsibility of the institution's management to encourage educators or teachers to understand these students' needs and involve them in activities that will make them more engaged in class. The study Kim (2013) conducted aims to find out the oral communication ability in English and skills of new Korean students in an American business school.

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