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Strategic Plan of Seoul St. Mary's Hospital: A SWOT Analysis

Added on -2019-09-13

This paper discusses the strategic plan of Seoul St. Mary's Hospital with the limitations of the plan in the context of SWOT analysis. It also includes the hospital's vision and mission statement, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
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The overall experience1Introduction to the CompanySeoul St.Mary’s Hospital is a pioneer medical institute of the Catholic Medical center, with thelargest medical network in Korea with the affiliation of eight hospitals and seven researchcenters. (Phillips ,2014)The hospital follows the multidisciplinary approach by its 25 specializedcenters and 48 clinical departments , which helps in bringing the efficient outcome of treatment.In this paper, we are going to discuss the strategic plan of St Mary's with the limitations of theplan in the context of SWOT analysis. Vision and mission statementThe mission statement of St Mary’s Hospital is “ to create and foster the innovation culture, withcompassion and respect at St.Mary’s for many years, and the vision of the Hospital is to “ be thesafest hospital in Korea as the healing ministry of Christ , along with the Catholic Traditions ,beliefs, and values. Swot analysisSTRENGTHSWEAKNESSESOutstanding Medical StaffStrong commitment towards community MissionExcellent Hospital FacilitiesHigh level of Organizational EfficiencyPublic GoodwillIntegrated healthcare delivery systemLack of Primary care networkShortage of critical care medical StaffLack of Adequate Resources Complex Business modelObsolete medical equipment and techniques.OPPORTUNITIESTHREATSCollaboration with other Healthcare Reduction in Government

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