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(Solution) Nursing Assignment

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Added on  2020-02-18

(Solution) Nursing Assignment

   Added on 2020-02-18

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Running head: NURSING ASSIGNMENT Nursing Assignment Name of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
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1NURSING ASSIGNMENT This essay is about Anne who is a 10 year old girl and has been suffering from right iliacfossa pain. She was taken to a local hospital and was diagnosed with appendicitis. Thedoctors decided to perform appendectomy. They also found a gangrenous perforatedappendix with peritonitis. Since she was suffering from severe infection and there were a lotof complications, she was advised hospitalization for 10 days of IV antibiotics and painmanagement. This essay demonstrates the pathophysiology of appendicitis, growth anddevelopmental theories such as JMD theories which includes psychoanalytical theory byFreud, Piaget theory and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. It also demonstratesfamily centered care and the effects of hospitalization on the patient and familymembers.This essay demonstrates how evidence based information can be implementedinto contemporary Australian nursing practice.Appendicitis occurs due to the obstruction of the lumen of the appendix and it alsooccurs due to several bacteria such as yersiniaspecies, adenovirus, cytomegalovirus,actinomycosis, foreign substances, tumors and tuberculosis. Obstruction involves the fillingof lumen distal with mucous which increases to intra luminal and intramural pressure andalso causes distension (Cobb, 2017).This results in rapid multiplication of bacteria residinginside the appendix. Bacteria that are most commonly found in the appendix areBacteroidesfragilisandEscherichia coli. Pathophysiology involves several symptoms such as reflexanorexia, nausea and vomiting, and visceral pain that occur due to the dilatation of theappendix. The small venules and capillaries get affected by thrombosis when the pressure ofthe lumen becomes more than the venous pressure thus causing and congestion and swellingof the appendix. Inflammation occurs in the serous membrane of appendix which leads toincrease in pain. Due to the thrombosis of small arterioles bacteria start leaking out thusleading to the formation of pus inside the appendix (Drake et al., 2014). The pus also forms alayer outside the appendix region. Due to the infection of bacteria and ischemia inflammation
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2NURSING ASSIGNMENT occur which results in the death of cells and gangrene. The condition further worsens andresults in perforation of the appendix due to gangrenous appendix. It also results in peritonitiswhich involves swelling of the innermost layer of the abdomen and organs present in it.Perforation of the appendix is most commonly found in children as compared to adultindividuals.There are several growth and development theories such as JMD theories whichincludes psychoanalytical theory by Freud. He was the first to identify the development of anindividual through several stages such as oral stage, anal stage, phallic stage, latency andGenital stage. This theory played an important role in helping nurses in understanding thebehavior and condition of mental health in different patients (Hahn, Coricelli & Matteo,2016).It also helps in understanding different behaviors of patients related to ego and id.Anne belongs to the Latency stage since its range is from 6-12 years so the majordevelopment task for her is to focus on relationships. Freud theory helps individuals to acceptwho they are and improve their health and well being. Piaget theory focuses on the fact that interaction with the environment plays asignificant role in the development of human beings. The nurses gain knowledge andunderstand the main features of developmental psychology and it helps them to assess thestage of development a childhas attained (Mischel, 2013).This helps them accomplishingseveral tasks of development. Piaget’s theory has made a significant contribution inunderstanding the intellectual level and cognitive development in children.Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory is a theory of psychology that aims to motivateindividuals and is based on a five stage model that includes biological and physiologicalneeds such as air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, and sleep. Safety needs include protection andsecurity, law, stability, order, and freedom from fear (Maslow, 2013).Love and belongingness
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