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The Political Theories Work in Different Contexts

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Added on  2020-02-19

The Political Theories Work in Different Contexts

   Added on 2020-02-19

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Week #1 Homework Questions
Name <please type your name here>
Instructions: Read through the entire chapter. Then, go back and write responses to the following 7 questions listed
below. Please do not delete the original questions or the numbering. Simply insert your response below each
question. Do not provide direct quotations from the text book. Rather, compose an answer in your own words that
ties in closely with the narrative in the text. Support your answers with specific information in the chapter. When you
have completed these questions, submit them to your instructor for a grade through the Week #1 drop box.
American Political Culture
We the People: Chapter 1
1. How do Americans view our government? Does it matter whether we trust our government, or not? Explain your
Answer: The Americans' view of the government is mostly disapproving and shrouded with a lack of trust. Open
trust in government is extremely low as indicated by the few research works, which locate an ideal tempest of
variables - including a profound subsidence, high joblessness, and polarization in the Congress - are driving to the
doubt and lack of trust. In this aspect, the issue is really concerning as it matters a lot. The concern is not only that
it might prove to be barrier to the operations of the governmental entities as they would be judged on every possible
benchmark but there is also another factor which may suggest that the government will lose credibility and
accountability in the global political scenario too (Ginsberg et al., 2016). Individually, it has concern implying that
one's view of the government would determine his/her political opinions and perspectives.
2. Do you pay attention to politics? Be honest! According to the text, why is it important to for you to pay attention
and even get involved in politics?
Answer: I really pay huge attention to politics. I usually access many political information about events or incidents
from the newspapers and the online sources. It is also interesting to me to assess how the political bodies operate
and how the political theories work in different contexts.
As per the textbook, it is really important for a citizen to pay attention to politics and even get involved in it if
possible. The governmental administration controls a number of parts of its citizens' lives. Government officials can
adjust the access to conceptive/preventative assets, assessments and taxation, medicinal services, social
advantages, educational systems, and the fundamental rights and flexibilities (Ginsberg et al., 2016). Moreover, the
political decisions often influence our professional and personal lives. Finally, as several political bodies and entities
attempt to physically threaten the safety of the citizens, it is a duty for us to get pay attention to politics, learn about
it, and get involved when necessary in order to maintain the safety and prosperity of the citizens as well as the
nation itself.
3. Can we truly call ourselves a “democracy” if most Americans today know very little about how their government
operates? Will greater ‘digital literacy’ help to make us more informed and active as citizens?
Answer: The concept of democracy does not only rely on the nature of government, features of the elections, and
structure of the rules but it is also dependent on how the citizens perceive and comprehend the actions and
operations of the government (Ginsberg et al., 2016). In this context, if most of the citizens are not truly aware of
how the government operates, then their votes in elections would hardly be significant from a broader political
perspectives as their votes and opinions would be influenced by popular or personal choices instead of an in-depth
understanding. Thus, America is structurally a democracy, but the citizens need to develop a better understanding
of governmental operations so that the nation becomes democratic in the real sense.
The widespread of digital literacy will indeed help us to become more informed and active as the citizens.
Digital mediums of literacy is helping numerous people to access valuable and significant information regarding
diverse socio-political aspects even in those regions where the data was previously accessible to a small extent.
The Political Theories Work in Different Contexts_1
Thus, the new platform will help the citizens to better comprehend our duties and responsibilities as the citizens as
well as the implications of the governmental operations so that the citizens become more informed, active, and
4. Why is it so important for all societies to have a functioning government? Among the various alternatives
described in the textbook on pages 13-14, which do you believe is the best and why? Defend your response.
Answer: It is really important and rather imperative for all societies to have a functioning government as such
government would help in establishing justice via judiciary, promote the general welfare of the citizens, resolve
conflicts through a legal process, provide public services to enhance the quality of living, provide defense and
security to the public, and engage the citizens in political affairs as much as possible. Thus, the nations would
ensure the highest possible prosperity.
Among from the available alternatives, meritrocacy seems to be the best option. I prefer this option
because in this system the government will comprise of a group of individuals who has expertise, knowledge (in
several respective fields), and already demonstrated contributive actions to the society (Ginsberg et al., 2016).
Thus the members of the government will be chosen as per their merits. In this manner, most proficient decision-
making through the use of utmost expertise and knowledge will ensure the welfare of the entire nation.
5. What evidence is there that America is an increasingly diverse nation? What implications does this diversity
have for politics? Discuss each of the following separately: (a) race & ethnicity, (b) religion, (c) age, (d) geography,
and (e) socio-economic status.
Answer: It is known to all that immigration contributes to the diversity of a nation (from different angles). In this
regard, we can say that America is increasingly becoming a diverse nation as the number of immigrating people is
increasing day by day. Between 2000 and 2010, almost 14 million immigrants have come to America and
contributed to greater diversity (Ginsberg et al., 2016). The immigrants come from different race and ethnic
backgrounds. In this manner, immigrants belonging to a new race or ethnicity would eventually enhance the
diversity in this field.
Immigrants are also adhered to different religious views. Accordingly, the entrance of new religion would
contribute to the religious diversity. However, it can, similarly to the racial and ethnic diversity, help in developing
the cultural and social values.
Age of the immigrants also contribute to the diversity. If a group of immigrating people comprises of
individuals mostly from a specific age group, then it would lead to the increase in numbers of the age group in the
overall population.
Furthermore, the geographic differences also influence the aspect of diversity. The differences in
geographic backgrounds determine the style of living and the structure of lifestyle. In this manner, it would lead to
subtle or huge differences in those aspects within a specific state or population.
The immigrations also influence the socio-economic status. The diversity among the immigrants
themselves would lead to differences in socio-economic aspects. Furthermore, the access to public services, job
opportunities, and other rights would also enhance the diversity in socio-economic conditions.
All of the aspects are critical to the political decision making. The increasing diversity implies that the
governmental authorities need to appropriately address the requirements and needs of each of the diverse
population while preparing a strategy, developing a policy, or making a decision. Thus, the political operations
would be broadened considering the extent of diversity in the overall population.
6. In our political culture, most Americans strongly endorse the concepts of (a) liberty, (b) equality and (c)
democracy. In practice though, we have serious arguments over how we put these values into practice. Write a
definition in your own words of each of these 3 concepts, and then highlight conflicts surrounding each aspect of
our political culture today.
Answer: Liberty alludes to the freedom and fundamental right of an individual to freely act while conforming to the
necessary social obligations. In this context, the individuals may do what they want until and unless it does not
cause harm to the society.
The Political Theories Work in Different Contexts_2

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