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The Proposal: In at least 250 words, tell me your plan. 1) What is your theme of topic? 2) Why did you select that theme or topic? 3) Describe, in detail, the two assignments, to include at least three specific sources (One of which cannot be the textbook, American Perspectives, or my lectures). Be detailed. Potential themes of topics can be found in Attachment A. You must focus your theme sufficiently so that you can cover the topic in the relatively short assignments. Attachment A: Themes and Topic ideasThis list is not exhaustive. Ultimately you need to select a theme that most interests you. You areonly limited to your interests and imagination within the time covered in the class. As this class is US history with an emphasis on minorities in the US, your assignments must emphasize minorities (women, ethnic, racial, gender, disabled, for example). Step 1. Select your topic from the list below. If you would like to do something not on the list, contact me so we can discuss your idea.Step 3. Using the Zinn textbook, any of the E-Textbooks, and/or any of the resources under the “Women and Ethnic Studies” module or maybe just your own interests, narrow your topic into something that can readily be examined in two relatively short assignments. If you have an idea but that idea for a focused topic which is not covered in the textbook or the other sources in the class, contact me and I will help you. Your topic cannot be too broad. For example, the topic “Women and Music” is too broad while “African American Female Do-Wop groups from the 1950s” or “Diana Ross” are well-focused topics. “First Ladies” is too broad of a topic. “Eleanor Roosevelt” is a well-focused topic. “The 1964 Civil Rights Act” is toobroad. “Title VII” is sufficiently focused. “Women and Health Care” is too broad while “Well Mom/Well Baby and the Affordable Care Act” is well-focused. 19th Amendment 1964 Civil Rights Act1968 (the year)1984 election2008 election2016 election AIDSAffirmative ActionAfghanistanAmerican Association of University Women American Female Moral Reform Society Americans with Disabilities ActAny decadeAny Constitutional Amendment

Any womanAny stateAny yearBlack Panthers Blacksplotation Brown Berets Brown decisionBussing Chicana MovementCivil Rights Movement Cold WarDaughters of the American Revolution Disabled/DisabilitiesDomestic Violence EducationEmily’s ListEqual Rights Amendment EspionageEvangelism/Evangels FamilyFeminine Mystique First PeoplesFlappersGilded AgeGirl Scouts Great DepressionGrungeGulf War 1990-1991Health care “Hello Girls”Housework HoustonHip HopHull House"Illegal Aliens"Immigration/Immigrants International Ladies Garment Workers UnionIraq War (George W. Bush)“It Girls” (Gibson Girls)June Cleaver, Harriett Nelson, and Margaret Anderson: TV Moms of the 1950sKorean conflict LatinasLeague of Women VotersLGBTQ Lily Ledbetter ActLoving Decision

Mexican Americans Motherhood“Mother’s Little Helper”Movies MuckrakersMusicNational American Woman’s Suffrage AssociationNational Association of Colored Women National Organization of WomenNew Woman Our Bodies, Ourselves Pill, The Planned ParenthoodPolice Popular Culture Populism PresidentsProgressive Era ProstitutionPunkQueer Theory Roe v. WadeRapRape culture Reform Movement (any)Religion“Rosie the Riveter” September 11Sports“Stay at home moms”StonewallStudent Nonviolent Coordinating CommitteeSupreme CourtTeenagersTerrorism TexasTriangle Shirtwaist FireTVUnited Nations Decade of the Woman Violence Against Women Act WACsWAVESVietnamWar WatergateWomen and the KKK

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