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The ProposalThe topic selected for the activity is Election 2016. The theme of the topic is impact of USPresidential Election 2016 on the world politics. The reason behind the identification of thistopic is that the selection of the current US President Donald Trump carried lots ofcontroversies1. Before the election could take place, the US President Donald Trump madevarious remarks that were not acceptable to most of the American communities.Interestingly, despite surrounded with controversies, Mr Trump became the president2. If thespeeches of Mr Trump are assessed from pre-election to post-election, along with the recentactions related to health care and foreign policies, then it can be stated that there arenumerous implications that can be expected in the coming days3. It would be an appreciableeffort to understand how the foreign relation of US unfolds under the aggressive leadership ofDonald Trump and the impact it is likely to have on the global diaspora in the short and longrun.The current topic will not cover every pieces of this scenario. Only major aspects will becovered. There will be two aspects, internal (within the country) and external (outside thecountry) that will be covered. In the internal scenario, the recent actions of Mr Trump will becovered along with the actions that can be expected from after his speech assessment. In theexternal scenario, the relationship with Mexico, China, Russia, Middle East, and India will betouched briefly to understand the topic clearly.The purpose is to understand the overall scenario and estimate how things are likely to unfoldin the future. Limited focus will be given on discussing each aspect deeply as there is nodepth to which each aspect can be discussed at any given point of time.1"US Election 2016 - BBC News". 2017.BBC News."U.S. Election 2016 | Reuters". 2017.Reuters."What To Know About Election 2016 Today". 2017.Nytimes.Com.
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