The purpose of criminal law.

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The purpose of criminal lawCriminal Law is comprised of all the legal regulations which the state authority of variouscountries imposes. These legal regulations are imposed so that the criminal activities can beprevented under the specific state territories. With the enactment of this law, a guard is providedover the body, mind and the environment of the people of a country (Ashworth, 2013). This lawput some boundaries on the conduct of the society which helps to enforce the social controlamong the citizens of the country, and the unfavorable behavior of the people can be eliminated.In addition to this, the criminal law also helps in maintaining the social order in the country(Bergman, 2015). The transfers of the property are protected and hence the market operations arecontrolled that creates an effective environment. Thus, the market practices remain fair and non-biased. Another purpose of this law is to restore the equity and justice in the society (Werle,2014). When the people get victimized due to any crime, this law helps them in getting theadequate compensation and helps them to recover from the pain and loss that they have suffered.It not only aims to protect the people from suffering and prevents the unlawful practices, but thislaw also considers the offenders as valuable affiliations of the society (Bergman, 2015). So, itfocuses on their rehabilitation and tries to prevent the further crimes from those offenders.Finally, the limits of the code of conduct of society and the behavior of the citizens of thecountry are set and can be changed by criminal law (Cole, 2015). By restricting the unlawful andunacceptable behavior, conduct and attitude, the law prevents the activities that can pose harm tothe people of the country. These are the basic purposes of the criminal law, and they are veryimportant in the society.1

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