The European Renaissance Essay

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The Renaissances
The renaissance means explosion and development of human thought and new ideas inEurope and it can be considered as the time of cleansing for Europe. The current essay will focuson view points of two different authors which have conducted research on renaissance. It willcompare their research findings on the basis of background, intended audience, research locationand main results. Author has been chosen study of Jacob Burckhardt and Peter Burke(Burckhardt, 1914).In which, study of Jacob Burckhardt was based on Civilization of the renaissance in Italy.It has stated that renaissance means individualism and modernity. He believed that renaissancemeans beginning of the modern world in which a successful individualism and the competitionfor fame transformed science, art and politics. The selected article is based on some backgroundinformation about the development of individual, personality, glory, ridicule and wit. But on theother hand, Peter Burke has completed study “The myth of the renaissance” and provided criticalarguments on the findings of Jacob Burckhardt study the civilization of the rebirth in Italy. Asper Burke, Jacob Burckhardt has developed an artificial link between the middle ages andrenaissance. According to Burke, Burckhardt has overstated and ignored lots of innovationswhich introduced in the middle ages. Along with this, study on the civilization in Italy did notfocus on traditional attitude of individuals in 16thcentury, their interest in painting and music(Burckhardt, 1935). Including this, it did not include any information about other countriesespecially Netherlands.According to him Burckhardt study is a myth in terms of literary one. Jacob Burckhardtwas accept the findings of the scholars and artists of that period for his own research valuation.But, as per Burke it was one of the major mistake of Jacob Burckhardt at the time of conductinghis own study. So, findings of Burckhardt focused on revival of learning, renovation, rebirth andreawakening but did no pay attention towards the Middle age and development. Findings of theBurckhardt study have reflected that renaissance means transition from medieval times tomodern time and it focuses on learning, rationality and realism (Burke, 1997). But on the otherhand, Burke has stated that during renaissance changes were placed in political and economicstructure also. Overall, analyses of the both studies have reflected that the myth of therenaissance is a critique study of Civilization of the renaissance in Italy. It has reflected thatfindings of Burckhardt is based on some specific myth.1|P a g e
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